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A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

Your favorite Nova segment where novas threaten each other

Allison “Shrapnel” Grimes, Teragen:

Count Oz, I can see already your attempt to crown yourself king has already gone to SHITE! Not only did you allow a great warrior to be embarrassed in Venice, but you made every Teragen look like a joke. At least the Apostle had the mutagen, what do YOU have? By the way, to whatever tart embarrassed my friend Leviathan, let me tell ya this, you and your lady friend are now the proud subject of a one million Euro bounty, dead or alive! You better not count on getting a lot of tourism in , you *&^%$!


Lady friend? Isn’t that what parents call their son’s lover? I guess lady is supposed to be a compliment, but it makes me sound like her lover. Not. And only one mill? Get serious, and I might get worried. – Anonymous posting in green

A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

The following is a response post:

Buona Sera! We want you to know how amusing this is. In true suicidal arrogance, you Teragen picked the home of Utopia’s Team Tomorrow Europe to lick your pus filled wounds!. Yes I know, Stockholm still wants us, but we are doing quite well, as a matter of fact, you folks made such a mess that we are no longer in Mestre (the more modern part of Venice), but now we are setting up shop in the old Fondaco Dei Tedeschi, yes, the old trade fort, which is within walking distance of that Haunted hovel of yours. Rest assured, we will be watching you, and if any of you try any sort of madness, we will be there. Do not worry about the usual celebrities like Pax , you will find we are quite effective at dealing with any threat to our city. Do not worry about finding me, I can find any of you easily enough, and I do mean EASILY.

Signed : Stefano “Evil Eye” Mosca, proud member of Team Tomorrow Europe.

A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

Ha! Key word is “joke”, which describes that pathetic snake. Your so called bounty doesn’t scare anybody. You better watch yourself or the same thing will happen to you. People are watching YOU!!! Signed in pink ink.

A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

Yeah Yeah, whistle past the graveyard, all of you. The REAL Teragen is going to make itself known, and wash all the vain little islands the humans try to keep afloat into the sea.
– Alison “Shrapnel” Grimes.

“Yes, yes, keep spewing your line that sounds so awful even your Mal Count Orsaiz seem to have moved on without you, By the way, if either of the subjects of this post want to talk to me, contact me at (gives number). I promise I am not trying to add to this Teragen circus, but to let you know we are here to help.”
Stefano “Evil Eye” Mosca. Team Tomorrow Europe.

A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

Alison, give it up. You are NO threat. All you are is a bunch of hot air who likes to hear herself talk. Be gone before I drop a house on you and make you live up to your name…. turn you into shrapnel. Signed in pink ink.

A byte from "Two Minutes of Hate!"

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