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A Menace in Venice

a Radio broadcast from the !N Network

Hello there!

This is Dr. Chuck Upton, your Gonzo Journalist giving you the real dirt on the Novas you love and even those you loathe! I can tell you, we got a real juicy, spicy, slimy bit of steamy goodness. Now, I know you expected me to check on the supposed meeting in Venice, aka the one that is NOT the Teragen’s attempt to lick their wounds after Maelstrom and his crew kicked their ass in Paris. Well, it seems that Count Orzaiz is making his move to become the new head of Teragen, something which has been known to tick off the more militant types like Shrapnel and Leviathan. Granted, I do not know why they would be upset, considering that the whole organization is in complete disarray ever since their messiah got captured. In any case, I have had snoops in the area to tell me what and when stuff goes down, and it is a hoot!

Apparently the location for this ’don’t call it a comeback’ meting is the legendary Palazzo Dario. Now, this may sound like a level in Super Mario Brothers, but it’s a real life horror show. It dates back to 1486, where a nobleman was given money for slaughtering the Turks. Ever since then, most of the people who have spent more than 20 days inside this place have suffered disaster and/or a painful demise.

Still don’t believe me? Ok, how about some of the many examples—everyone from the original owner to the both the manager and bassist for the Who. We are talking assassinations, sudden bankruptcies, mysterious diseases—such as the legendary Red Death that inspired Edgar Allan Poe—all in a steady stream for 600 years! Add to this, the place is known to be the site of sex orgies and devil worship! Oh, good Count, I do hope you did not buy this place, as even an asshole like you deserves better.

Oh, this does get better though!

Apparently, everyone who goes to this party is supposed to wear Venetian Masque. The real reason is that half the people there are on the lam. But rest assured, this place probably has more cops than tourists now. One person who could not help but standout was Leviathan. Hey, what was his costume going to be, Big Bird? He is seemingly on break from trying to eat Homeless people in Jazzland.

(As a side note, Leviathan, don’t you realize that place is one of the most dangerous on the planet? Even Pax is scared to go there, and for good reason!)

Anyway, he though he could use his standard move for getting some romance, which is to pounce on some girl. However, the previously unknown Nova has enough skill at mental domination to where, when she literally told him to eat himself, he started DOING IT! Here is the great and mighty Leviathan, gnawing at his heart. Sadly, he survived the ordeal, but not before making most of the partygoers run in fear, and ruining whatever buzz Count Oz was trying to pull. I will be keeping my eyes open, because if this is the antipasti, I want to stick around for the Pasta and the Tiramisu!



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