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'should auld acquaintance be forgot?' a summary done in character

“Tonight, one of the greatest maladies to my life, and the timstream as a whole, is gone. ”/characters/rosalind-lutece" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rosalind and Roland are dead. I know that there are many oceans of time, and who knows what version of them might be swimming deep in their ooze, but the version that has meddled in countless lives, including mine, is gone. It seems the ‘Twins,’ as Maelstrom called them, were trying to lure myself and the party into a trap. Good ol’ New year Eve, 1959.

Of course, I went there because I had seen a future where a version of Dear Old Dad came back, one of the few I had not killed. Of course, I did not realize I myself was being led into a trap, and I owe Ghost for showing me otherwise. I’ve seen dead versions of myself before, but it is humiliating, especially when I know the only way I die is if I get stupid. Well, I then realized who the only people were who could set that trap, and there they were, enjoying New Years with the rest.

Fortunately, Thanatos and Maelstrom were not subtle, rather they got The Twins where they wanted them. However, it became apparent they could not resist the temptation to ‘change the past’ …so far, the world as is will not have any holes, and Mean Ole Lizzy has a lecture ready for you two.

Here’s the sneak preview: The Twins had more knowledge and power at their disposal than you, yet they ended up ruined, and ruining others. I, to be humble, have knowledge you never had, and I have the reminders of it when I have to look in the mirror to see if my eyes are blue or green. Do you really want to see the places where you lose complete track of what you are, on all levels? Thanatos, spare me the whole ‘String theory for dummies’ line. Been there, done that, and so did every one of the assholes you have down in ‘Hell,’ hooked into the siphon.

Dominika handled herself with grace, although she did have to meet an old face. Still, she managed Cohen and kept the ‘big ball’ from being a carnage-soaked mess. I will also check to make sure none of the side effects of being down there bear fruit for her.

Columbia has many, many faults, but Rapture was The Twins’ attempt to say ‘I know what I got wrong, so first this, THEN that.’ Let their deaths serves as a warning to those that think of the strings of time as toys, myself included.


Signed : E.C.

PS, hopefully I can get out of the grouchy phase…this version of myself feels like a dirty , ill fitting garment.

Big Balls

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