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Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2015
DeVries Field Activity Report
Date: 4/20/2015
Location: Undisclosed
DeVries Asset: Marv

Since I was not on an official DeVries mission, I was not going to write up my recent activities. I got the opportunity to do some good in my off time and took advantage of it. The developments since then, having direct impact on the interests of DeVries, requires that I do so now. I’ll start with a quick recap of events leading up to April 3rd. Then we can get to the parts that anyone reading this report will be most interested in.

bottled quantum ”. As far as we can tell the Apostle was using other Novas as a fuel source in the creation of this “bottled quantum”. It appears that a surprise attack (most likely organized by the Apostle) allowed someone (a particularly powerful Nova as is represented by the video that you have no doubt watched by now) to kill Jerimiah Scripture and knock Divis Mall into a chrysalis state. Divis was taken under the cathedral while in his chrysalis state and was himself being used as a living fuel source for further production of this “bottled quantum” that was going to in the wine during the mass. The person responsible for the attack is a mystery as it seems to be the same person as the amnesiac I met recently, but a much altered version of him. I have learned that the situation is very convoluted as we are dealing with dimension-hopping time travelers (what a mess). Anyway, we found Mal under the cathedral and rescued him. Keiser made arrangements to move him to a secret location where he could be looked after until his recovery.

On a personal note of interest, my exposure to the mutagenic substances we studied and destroyed has manifested itself in the development of new abilities I did not previously possess. I am apparently now able to mimic matter’s properties and alter my shape. I am still learning to master these new abilities but they seem quite useful. So far I have not noticed any negative side effects. My theory is that my already highly resilient body allowed me to process the mutagen in a positive and, somewhat stable way. I would not expect most Novas to so easily survive the exposure, without more unpredictable results.

Fast forward 2 weeks after Good Friday. We have Mal. He’s still in chrysalis, but seems in no danger of death. While we are discussing what our next steps should be, we are told that a letter had arrived at our top secret location addressed to Michael ( Divis himself). This letter pleaded for Divis to communicate with its sender, a (Sorry, forgot the name you told us, Scott), and not to abandon them. Divis did not react well to the presence of the letter, or, more precisely, his thoughts of the person who sent the letter were volatile as his chrysalis had a most violent reaction. Agent 13 attempted to contact Divis’ mind at this time and we received a few mental images. One of these images was the apparent capture of Anna DeVries!! She is alive as far as I can tell, and being held in the ‘sky city’ called Columbia. I, of course, immediately contacted Totentanz with this information and he tasked me with getting Anna back, or at the least confirming where she is so that DeVries’ army can get her. I’m not sure what would be left in the immediate vicinity if that kind of firepower were brought to bear, so in the interest of saving New Orleans from yet another episode of near annihilation, I am hoping my new associates and I can get the job done.

My new enemies of my enemies agreed to accompany me on my investigation of this news. (I have to admit, I was pretty insistent. It is Anna, after all!) We infiltrated the abandoned amusement park called Jazzland, which is apparently—at least in part—a front for a transport rocket that would take “pilgrims” up to Columbia (this religious zealotry BS makes me sick to see.) We used said transport, and upon arriving in a low earth orbit above New Orleans, apparently, we discovered what might best be described as a giant baptismal font. The font in question would immerse all pilgrims in a pure version of the ‘bottled quantum’ that had been created for the Good Friday mass. This substance is what they might have been trying to create, but didn’t have the right materials or knowledge to do so (I gathered a sample as instructed. See Attachment A for ongoing analysis notes).

We also met 2 of the players involved in this dimension-spanning cluster-fuck. One of them, Elizabeth, is apparently ‘friendly’ in her own ‘I have died multiple times in multiple timelines’ kind of way. (I have to admit, I might not be all there either after experiencing that. I hate this time-travel dimension-hopping shit.) The other player is, if we can believe Elizabeth, named Roland and is part of a Twin set of dimension-hopping con men who ‘experiment’ on time lines and have caused the destruction of more than one (Thus the multiple deaths of Elizabeth. What I don’t know is how Elizabeth knows about the deaths. She’s freaky powerful. Maybe her consciousness spans all the time lines she’s in? Talked about fucked up.).

Elizabeth clued us in a little more on her version of what has been happening. The first Columbia had apparently been created as a weapons platform. It has some nasty firepower from what she says. She herself was also created as a living weapon. We learned that Divis has been around longer than anyone thought, and might have had something to do with the creation of the Columbia (facts are not clear on this part) Apparently Roland and his sister have been playing….well, everyone. Did I mention they were timeline-hopping con men who toy with a timeline in whatever way they want?

It seems that they duped Mal, Apostle, Mercer, Shepherd, Anna, and anyone else who caught their eye. Anyway, Elizabeth did us a solid and put Roland on a leash and gave that leash to Maelstrom. Roland says he knows where Anna is and is going to lead us to her. This place is home to a group known as the Order of the Raven. He thinks they have Anna. He said they might have used her as a host of some sort, whatever that means.

That brings you up to date. I will amend this report and file it once I have retrieved Anna.

Message 3 of 3 , Oct 3, 2015
- And here is a nice letter from Devries in response.

From: Klaus Kleisner (a.k.a. “Totentanz”)
to: operative “Geb”

I found your correspondence very informative to say the least. I must say, the fact that a man many actually seemed to worship as a god was taken down by his own stupidity surprised me. It should not; after all, my eruption thanks to the heartbreak caused by a tart is documented, however, it seems I got stronger, whereas he grew weaker. I should not be amused by this, but if I was still capable of laughing, I would be doubled over. As much as the idea of adding Divis Mal’s head to the DeVries trophy rack amuses me, it seems you were smart not to kill him, as apparently recent events have made things even less predictable than usual, which is saying a LOT. I do understand you have to keep secrets, but do let me know of his progress.

As far as Anna, let me just say that while I respect your situation, do NOT think we are going to wait. Anna is someone very near and dear to everyone, including and especially me. I think the following correspondence will speak for itself: if it is useful to you, great. I myself plan to make sure of it VERY soon, perhaps even by the time you get this correspondence.

From: Joseph “Pursuer” Sims:
to: Klaus “Totentanz” Kliesner

“Ok, Bossman, I know we were NOT supposed to go to that “amusement park”, but sorry. If there is a chance in hell to get Anna back, we are not going to wait for something that, if Max Mercer is being even less than half truthful, means a bunch of Directive flunkies are going to try and cover their ass, considering Anna’s corpse as gravy. NO, Rachel did NOT squeal; you forget, many people owe us favors, even if they are the occasional Utopian or Directive that knows we could have iced them or sent pictures to their family about what they REALLY do on their business trips. Not everybody hires someone like Kaiser Voss to clean up their dirty work. I am sure there will be some Utopians angry about a hijacked craft, but then again, they cannot admit where they were anyway, right?

Anyway, as far as I know, we are in this city, called by Mercer the ‘First Rapture,’ though when you actually get here, it’s called ‘Columbia’ and looks like what Disney would have done to make a city if Utopia did not keep them from using the high tech. I can tell this place was big once. According to some records, apparently this thing puts out some form of particle that pushes against the earth’s magnetic field. That accounts for the fact this thing can fly, and the fact it has some form of shield that hides it and protects it. I am not Rachel, or the engineer you yourself are, but I don’t think you have to be to sense something is generating LOTS of juice. Speaking of juice, watch out if you go to this main chapel area. We all got a bit sick from it. Remember that ‘wine’ the Apostle wanted to use? Well, that stuff is decaf. This stuff is breaking bad. I suggest Hazmat materials. The stuff is literally leaking all over the place, and apparently whoever the natives are even put it in the food. No lie. We found tons of old canned goods and snacks that are filled with it.

The natives, good point. There were several thousand people here, mostly people who were ex-confederacy, Yes, this place is that old. Apparently, there is this group called the ‘Order of the Raven’, which is kind of like the Klan, if they had a more official status. There are also these kids called " boys of silence " who do stealth maneuvers as good as Lotus does. We were injured by them when we were trying to head to the main compound of the Ravens—this big black mansion that sticks out because it has ‘we dare to defend our homeland’ in latin on it. We escaped the boys, but are still worried about the Ravens, as they apparently walk around with swarms of deadly animals in their skin. In other words, they looks like only a few, then swarm you.

We also noticed craft going from this Raven area to a very large statue. Locals we interrogated say this was the home of the Lamb, before the false shepard took her. I know prisons when I see them, and it would not surprise me if that is where these goons may have Anna. We caught notes of ‘two high profile guests.’ We guess one is Anna, and some of us think number two may either be Argus or the Apostle, though for obvious reasons, we hope we are wrong.

Oh yes, this Lamb, who, seemingly, the statue is of. We’ve seen no signs of her, but we obtained footage of what she is. You remember how even the Teragen were mixed about forcing a baby to awaken? Well, I guess these folks weren’t. We have a series of notes from folks called ‘the Lutece twins.’ Apparently, the lady, Rosalind, spent the better part of 20 years imprisoning and vivisecting this kid. And she invited a guest, one “Mickey” on Donell, yes, our own Divis Mal, to help ‘develop’ this kid, until the point came where apparently she injured him. I make this note so that, if that thing is still here, you have an idea of how to handle her. I suspect this kid is probably a serial killer at best, and while I would not blame her, approach with extreme caution.

Anyway, I will let you know how we are.. If we die, well, it’s been a hell of a ride, sir."

After Actions of Good Friday
Something isn’t right, I think to myself as I wake abruptly from a restless night, my flesh covered in a light layer of sweat. The sound of multiple objects impacting the ground and against the various furniture in the room snaps me fully to the present. Looking around expecting to see an intruder, I find myself alone, still occupying the carved out room of the Outback facility of Doctor Worm and the other Aberrants, but it appears that most of the lighter objects have been tossed around as if a tornado swept through the room while I slept. Did I cause all this havoc in my unconscious state?

Waiting for Divis Mal to wake up is taking much longer than I had originally anticipated, but now I’m starting to think this downtime might be a good thing, as my mind and body seem to be in a state of flux. It’s as if I can feel myself changing on a molecular level, the only constant these past few days is the machine parts. A small chuckle escapes at that thought; the machine is more reliable to me than my own body right now. Why is this happening to me now?

I get up from the sweat soaked sheets to walk around the room, trying to find a calm state of being. Is this my own form of transformation like the crystalis that Divis Mal is going through? Or is this a more unnatural change from all that “holy wine”. I don’t remember any of the liquid physically making contact with me when I destroyed all those casks, but could the vaporization of the liquids inside have transformed it into an airborne even for a brief time before I stepped through the portal? I can already feel myself growing in raw power with each passing day, but how much will I change by the time the fluxations finally cease?

The changes within me seem to have finally fully subsided; now I just need time to fully explore what this new form has made me. I had hoped for that chance while we waited for Divis Mal to awaken and before leaving the Outback, but we can’t wait here any longer. Hopefully whatever wakes up from that weird cocoon is grateful for our help in keeping him safe in his highly vulnerable state, but after the Mal’s mysteriously delivered letter and 13’s mental connection to the cocoon, it’s apparent that we have to act now. There are too many growing dangers that need to be addressed and I don’t trust Pax and his Utopian cronies to do the necessary responses.

I’m giving my superiors the minimum needed information to hopefully keep them happy with my field work and to keep them busy on more mundane issues well away from where I wish to investigate. Mantis has been informed to keep his inquiries under the radar and as trace-less as he can make them while he looks into the issue of the Directive “mole”. Marv is hell-bent on finding this Anna DeVries, so my desire to lure the red headed Rosalind to us with her letter will have to wait for now. If I’m lucky, her brother and her will still be within reach once we find Anna. If so, maybe I can make them cooperate in answering a few of my questions.

It is a little disturbing that Keiser hasn’t been heard from since he ‘ported out without any warning the other night. Does that mean he has become a liability to us or has someone gotten to him in an attempted to find us or Divis Mal’s location? Either way we can’t wait for him to return, we will just have to travel like the rest of the planet does and that means 13 and I calling in a few travel requests to keep things compartmentalized within the Directive as well.

“I’m an idiot”, I think out loud as I start to access one of the sub’s consoles. “How could I have missed Pax utilizing Splash’s aide, here of all places?” I know I can modify the sub’s visualization systems to map out the water currents in the immediate area, but do I have enough time before she stumbles upon us with her ‘feelers’, that’s the only question here. In the end, it seems I was able to program faster than she could ‘feel around in the muck’ and with 13 helping guide Marv’s actions we should be able to gain access to the air-lock soon enough.

Now it’s all a matter of following the bread crumbs, or in our case, the footprints, down the corridors, tunnels and pipes. It’s strange that these prints were made months ago, but yet they don’t seem to show them leaving. They couldn’t still be holed up here, could they? Maybe I will be lucky in finding my red headed prey here after all. As we enter the top of the aging Jazzland light house, the trail we were following comes to an end within an empty room; not even the spinning light is still here. Are the twins working with their own portal creator? Did they hire Keiser all those months ago to ferry them all away from here?

But the true nature of the empty room is soon realized; I scan the area through the various visual spectrums and warn Marv before he fully steps into the middle of the room. This room somehow transports its occupants to another place and my other two comrades figured out the sequence that activates the room itself. As the room starts to change, a sofa appearing among those changes, I stand clear of all restraints while the others strap themselves in. And then the vibrations really start, as the room starts to lift off the main lighthouse tower. My only thought at this time is, I sure hope none of those stealthed hover vehicles in the New Orleans area fire on us.

With my eskrimas in hand, I ride out the rocky flight like a snowboarder would go down a steep and mogul laced slope. Imagine my surprise as we start to make our final approach upon a floating and invisible Victorian-esque city. Seems the floating city of the first Rapture isn’t a myth after all, just some how long forgotten. It is also apparent from our bumpy approach that some kind of shield protects this city, but is the city shifted just outside of our normal physical dimension? Is that how they keep from being hit from all the air traffic these days? Looking down as our flying room heads towards the big spired building in the center, I can see that the city seems to be sparsely occupied.

At this point, it was my desire to escape the all window-sided flying room before it came to its final destination, but my comrades wished to remain until the room stopped. Maybe it was the fact they were both strapped in for the ride and I wasn’t, but this democratic way of voting our course of action is getting old but now doesn’t seem the time to push my point. So for now, I continue with the contented follower. As the room came to its final resting place at the base of one of those spires, I immediately regretted staying with the group. The landing pad of this room was filled with what appeared to be a lot more of that crazy potent wine from the vineyard, and more of it was just pouring out of several inlet drains around the landing site. If it wasn’t for my TK shield keeping the liquid at bay, I fear for what transformations would be in store for me again.

And then before we could fully exit the wading pool of nova creating wine, 13 starts talking to the air before himself. I really thought he had started to lose it, but after hearing a few exchanges of his one sided conversation, a flipping coin appeared out of thin air. Not wanting that coin to drop into the rising pool of wine at our feet, I instinctively reached out with my mind and ‘caught’ the coin in mid air, neither side of the coin facing upward. That’s when I heard the voice as well. Grabbing the suspended coin from the air with my human hand, I scanned the visual spectrum again in an attempt to see who and where this person was. And once I saw him, I reached out once again with my mind, like I hand back in Paris with the Silent Boy, but this time I could feel the hold was much stronger, there was no escape for him.

Then things started to get even weirder as the Lamb’s counter-part here made her presence known and the person I had held became visible, revealing himself to be Roland, one of the red headed twins I was searching for. I figured it was best to not piss off this version of the Lamb, having one being of immense power mad at me was enough for me this month, so I played along with her lead. She really didn’t like Roland or his sister, apparently they can travel through the various dimensions of time and have erased a few time lines entirely already, maybe I should just kill him now, but then this lady grabs Roland’s wrist and brands him, afterwards stating to me that he is now linked to me in some way, so now I have a pet from one half of a time traveling duo, oh lucky me. After I inquire to her about transforming this city’s ultimate purpose, she apparently was intrigued with my ideas and offers her hand to me as if we were shaking on a verbal agreement. As I shook her glowing, pinky-less hand with my cybernetic one, I started to wonder if I had just been handed the keys to the Titanic.



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