Armada Games Aberrant Game

The Five thieves, two Magicians, the singer, and the Strongman

summarizing the last session

I realize I may get a detail or two wrong, but that is why the players are encouraged to add their summaries to the page. It also earns xp.

Indeed, the affair at the Palazzo Dario was lavish, with enough high stakes gambling to make a mogul choke. Indeed, those gambling plaques turned out to be a source of mayhem, as Ghost attempted to steal a few million dollars worth (about ten I think). Ghost of course did some wonderful slight of hand. all while Chesa was on stage. Well, someone found out, and poor Dominka was getting lovely precognitive visions of everything from severe interrogations to being taken to a field and killed. Needles to say some slight of hand was needed, with the magician, the thief and others providing a distraction, and Chesa “vouching” for the goods as only she can. The thief is a misnomer as he can become SEVERAL thieves.
Well, they escaped that, but then the tergen taunted them to go to Poveglia Island. This got a bit twisted, as it seems that the person they thought was Mantis was notMantis, and had led them into a trap. However, they fought their way out, and indeed, rendered the m,ask that had contained Giovanni Dario rather impotent (and getting a fair amount of quantum). The magician also will have gained some rare insight, after all, he did resists a being that has been posessing people for about 1000 years.



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