Stage Magician extraordinaire



The actual identity of this person seems to be something of a mystery. It may seem odd that in an age where half a dozen cyberkinetics are willing to reveal everything about anybody, no hits. He literally seemed to have appeared on the scene several years ago. It is believed he is American, though he seems to speak every known language fluently, and frankly, he has been known to use some private languages with his assistants. Ah, the assistants, those androgynous dolls of his, who have high mega appearance, but deliberately refuse to give a hint of gender or name (though he has been heard to call one of them “fitzpatrick.”

As far as known attributes, he is known to be highly intelligent, probable Mega Genius range. As a stunt he played against Chess against a dozen supercomputers at once, but frustrated with the “waste of time” he simply wrote down the moves that all the machines would make, and his counter. He is also known to have great stamina and dexterity, but his main special effects are the constructs he makes from Quantum. Dragons, Djinn, all appear.

Of course, while famous, he is also known to be arrogant, especially to lady rivals (for example, he once got sued for making a quantum construct “parody” of rival Dominka Starr that was settled out of court. He was also shown to have challenged a mega strong member of the Teragen, the legendary giant Geryon. He produced a set of cuffs that made made of a coppery metal, that Geryon could not break, nor use his sizemorph to grow out of.



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