Christina Roberts

Dominika's BFF, writer, costumer, painter


Age: early 30s
Profession: writer, costumer, painter

Height: average
Body Type: lean
Features: striking
Eyes: dark blue
Hair: long, straight, brown to blonde, usually (varies by mood)

Birthday: 2th month
Annoyed by: office politics
Sucker For: the status quo
Favorite Sin: envy
Favorite Virtue: chastity
Favorite drink: tea
Household: cat, fiancé
Favorite season: summer


Christina and Estrella met in college and bonded over a common interest in tea, art, and theatre. They’ve roomed together off and on since their sophomore year. Christina actually realized Etrella’s Nova status before Estrella did. They are best friends, and know practically every secret the other has. Estrella is aware that Christina would ‘kill’ to be a Nova, and who do most anything for her friend.

Several walls in Estrella’s house have CR murals (and paintings at the condo). All of her costumes are either Christina’s work or her designs translated into eufibre by Estrella. About the only thing they fight about is how much green is going into each show and costume.

Christina Roberts

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