Count Raoul Christobal Orsaiz

A Spanish Count whose Nova powers fit him well



Count Orsaiz is a Spanish Count who merely thinks that his nova powers are then natural extension of the superiority that has ancestors have enjoyed since the days of the Roman Empire. The baseline humans are still the peasants that need to know their betters, and who can be treated kindly if they obey, and can be beaten if they disobey. His quote is “if you play with tigers, do not be surprised if you feel their claws.” The known powers are his strength and speed, which lets him outrun Tigers on Safaris and hunting trips. However, he has also been known to speak to people and make them do very outrageous things. His ability to BS, and his arrogance, also make him very hated by the admittedly non aristocratic Novas like Levithan, ones that either want radical violent changes now, or ones that do NOT fit the noble, beautiful elegant neo aristocrats that OPz thinks Novas should be. Mal was mixed with him, because on the one hand, he felt Oz was too comfy with baselines, but on the other, he also felt condescending revulsion for folks like Shrapnel and Levithan.


Count Raoul Christobal Orsaiz

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