Emily Bishop

Dominika's Lawyer contact


Age: mid 40s
Profession: Lawyer-contract

Height: average
Body Type: muscular
Features: soft
Eyes: dark green
Hair: short, straight, dirty blonde

Birthday: 7th month
Annoyed by: complete honesty
Sucker For: challenges
Favorite Sin: lust (it makes her SO much money)
Favorite Virtue: kindness
Favorite drink: vodka, neat
Household: single, no pets, occasional dead plant
Favorite season: winter


Emily represented one of the Tesar clan during her early years out of law school. The clan has been loyal and she is one of the first people they call when they need legal advice, even if it is just to get a referral to the best lawyer in whatever field they need. While not a member of the clan, Emily has been invited to enough family occasions—reunions, births, deaths, marriages, etc.—to be a fixture. She and Camila (Estrella’s oldest sibling) have gone into practice together.

Emily Bishop

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