Your eye in the web


Ok, this is being done in character again. I do not know why the GM insists on this, but:

Real name: Jian Wei Chung
place of birth: Hong Kong

Life was simple once. Unlike many of my fellow Hong Kong residents, I pretty much gravitated towards Beijing. I joined the military, where I was really doing more hacking than shooting. I got the attention of the Ministry of State security (the PRC’s CIA) and then the directive. At first, it was easy because it is not like I had to be flashy anyway, but when an American Cyberkinetic attacked me, I erupted, and got this bug head as a result.

Now, the mantis is a good luck symbol, but the directive did not like high taint novas, so I compiled my list of “if I die, this information goes to CNN, your wife AND your mistress” information, and I pretty much lead a free life. It is very rare that you will be close to me in a geographic sense, however, my job is to keep you guys working together, which I do with the “Mantis Link.” Apparently, this link was good enough that when Hades and Ghost came from the old “universe” I guess you would call it, they were able to get in fine. Of course, one the new folk get settled in, I would assume you want me to link them. Hey it will be nice to have girls on there.

In any case, I will be giving this page it’s dose of sarcasm, at least until folks like that creepy ass Specimen girl peek in? Am I the only one who thinks she is a bit Psycho?



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