Pamela Caldwell

Dominika's Manager


Age: mid 60s
Profession: Manager

Height: average
Body Type: slim
Features: pinched
Eyes: dark hazel
Hair: medium, straight, black

Birthday: 10th month
Annoyed by: modern art
Sucker For: wild animals of any sort
Favorite Sin: envy
Favorite Virtue: diligence
Favorite drink: tea
Household: two dogs
Favorite season: spring


Ms. Caldwell was the manager for the act who with food poisoning. After her desperate search for a performer to fill in culminated in Estrella’s first appearance on stage, Pamela realized she had gotten lucky. Less than a week later, she had a new act, Dominika Star, with true drawing power. By the end of the first month, Dominika was booked into a 6-week tour of small to medium Vegas venues, and already filling the house every night.

Already an old hand at the Vegas entertainment circuit, Ms. Caldwell is happily expanding her horizons outside of Nevada.

Pamela Caldwell

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