The Teragen leader.
Real Name: Michael Donighal

Signature powers: Cause latent novas to erupt, Enhanced strength and stamina, Quantum bolt, energy control, etc.

It is know that Divis Mal has been around for at least a century. He is, or rather was the leader of the Teragen, those novas who believed that humanity needed to be brushed out of the way of the new race. He was often compared to Magneto, although he tended to be more an inspirational figure than actively fighting. He was Betrayed by his right hand “The Apostle” in Paris, with the help of Rosalind Lutece. The party rescued him from a state of Chrysalis, which i where a nova will “re-evolve.”

Since then, no one has seen what the Teragen are doing. The Rumors are that they are fighting to see who takes over


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