• In 2008, an accident on the Space Station Galatea releases radiation onto the Earth below. Humanity starts seeing people “Erupt” , literally transforming into super-powered beings the likes that Stan Lee never dreamed of. Every facet of human society, from the political to the social winds up changing. Small nations can use their “novas” to fight against big ones, the UN gets a force of super powered operatives that let the UN have teeth to bare against Moscow, Washington and Beijing. Many smaller groups take on their own agenda, armed as never before. Of course, the powers that be assure us that they have things under control, and that this is just a freak accident that will soon come under control.
  • Of course, some people know that is a cold lie. Humanity might realize that for all it’s wits, the world they have known and defined is really just one more drop in a current, which leads out into several oceans. The past that was defined by history books is NOT the true one. The players in this campaign will learn of these other currents, other oceans, which are one high tide away from washing away the towers and mountains of our world. Even the forces that would be divine are often mad as hatters themselves, and their power does not help them one bit.
  • Then again, while the party will travel the world, what better place to deal with chaotic tides than the Nova-Friendly city of New Orleans. The city was built a few steps from oblivion since it’s founding, and it has not let that get in the way of living. Granted, it finds itself being stalked by all sides, from Utopia to the Directive (aka government’s attempt to maintain some control.) The storms of Katrina left one gift, a larger than normal Nova population, and one of the few regular human populations that frankly gets on with life rather than act like the X-men’s version of humanity. Some of the normal people have better costumes than the Novas, and they have the attitude/insanity that can beat a Nova on any given day. It can be fun for a place that is already used to living by the high tides. Let the good times roll, or as the locals say “Laissez Bon Temps roulet!”

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