Armada Games Aberrant Game

Of course, when a party goes from 2 players to 7, things can get complicated. When they are Novas in the Big Easy, things WILL get complicated, and for all the talk of powers, victory can literally rest on whether someone buys your idea. And several people failed to sell theirs :)


We started off with news of a convention, New Orleans “It’s a Kind of Magic,” a combination sci-fi/fantasy/hard science/magician convention. In addition to the standard perils (gamers and geeks with drink machines that dispense daiquiris, what could go wrong?), Maxwell Mercer, head of the UN project for Novas, will be speaking there. And to make it worse, an item is to be auctioned off that some believe hold a mad scientist’s secrets of power, Nova-style.

magic_box_real.pngAn auction that is probably NOT going to happen. Apparently the stage magician Azarchel was in charge of hiding said item. He had the brilliant idea that the best place to hide something was in plain sight on his magician’s stage; the best place to hide a wonder is mixed in with the illusions. Which might have worked brilliantly were it not for the fact he pissed off two of the other performers. In response to a sheer vulgar display of his bad taste and misogyny, Azarchel was mentally attacked, clobbered, and put into a state where he lost his mind (and dignity, considering he backed into a porcupine-like nest of shish kabobs).

Due to the time crunch caused by his sudden ‘illness’, the theatre decided to give the first time slot to the two performers, but they had to remove the prop hanging precariously over center stage before the first act (his, now theirs) could open.

Things got complicated when the box unleashed defenses , and even more complicated when a energy emanations from the mess literally made the two nova performers almost puke. They knew that whatever the hell was in the ‘magic’ box was dangerous, perhaps deadly. Using a combination of brains and common sense, they used the Eufiber stage curtains to muffle the emanations and insulate the ‘shock’ protections on the box well enough to maneuver it into a shipping crate Dominika planned to store in a large, secure vault she often used in her act.

And it turned even more complicated as one of the convention guests, the head of a biotech firm who wanted the box for himself, saw a perfect chance to steal it. First using his blood to create tiny homunculi to get a look at the box, and tag it just in case, (Damian) then Gated open a hole under it inside the packing crate. This would have worked had Maelstrom not used his TK to hold it in place.

And, in the audience, Ghost KNEW that whatever was in the box slash crate was deadly, and he tried his trickster shtick to impersonate an FBI agent to walk off with it, but the new ladies were strong enough in will to resist his jedi mind trick.

They are in a sort of standoff to see who gets to move the crate of toxic goodness where. Of course, while the biotech heir did not steal it entirely, he still managed to get a homunculus into the crate.

(several people had to leave ‘early’, so Cut to a flashback scene)

A character from a dying timeline, Hades, was literally pulled into this one. In his old days, Hades and Surge had Columbia running differently, but instead of being the idiot that tried to challenge Maelstrom, he chose to help him. This proved smart, as not only did they have the city at near total power, but they were able to repel an attack from an old enemy, Daisy Fitzroy. Much of this part of the session was marked by “What do you mean you have not found that yet” or “Hmm, these folks have not attacked yet?” as Hades compared his timeline to the party’s. It is going to get very interesting, very soon…



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