Armada Games Aberrant Game

A Farewell to the Flesh

what to expect at the Palazzo Dario

An Overture:
It is no secret that Count Raoul Orsaiz is planning a grand event in Venice. The infamous Palazzo Dario is filled with guests the represent the Elite of Novas, and even a few of the baselines so wealthy that their mere lack of superpowers are forgivable. The Teragen are trying to outdo even their over the top antics. The drug queen Narcosis is handing out designer drugs like candy, the most beautiful and talented novas are trying to make art and imagery that makes Cirque du Soliel seem like a washtub band! Even many in New Orleans would be taken aback, as Venice reminds the world who truly invented the idea of Carnival.
Of course, not all is what it seems. While many of the Teragen leaders are there, there are factions that are feeling a very frosty chill, kind of like the black sheep relative that is expected to show up for Thanksgiving, but is not wanted. The two strongest embodiments of this are Leviathan and Shrapnel. Shrapnel, is of course the genocidal warrior-poetess whose vulgarity, blood thirst, and ideological zeal made her the bane of Count Orsaiz. Leviathan at least plays the part of a monster, although he has voice concerns about “the children”, the young novas he admittedly kidnapped, but raised, as part of the hope of raising Novas that were not abused like he was. Neither of these two are the “beautiful people” and they know it. The idea that they will either have to pledge fealty to Orsaiz or get swept out in the Revolutionary tide.
Of course, Utopia just got their new fortress nearby, the old Fondaco Del Tedeschi. Needless to say, many are not happy, from the Germans that used to have an embassy there to the Northern Lights, the Scandinavian Nova team that knows it was given to Utopia as a sort of middle finger to Stockholm. A thousand eyes are watching, even one of Utopia’s top European novas, the ESP and Entropy examplar, Stefano “Evil Eye” Mosca. This man is one of the few in Utopia that Pax backs down from.
Of course, even though Carnival for most was in the spring, here, in October, the Novas Carnival will prove to be a true delight, with many wearing masques that are not made of gold. Will this Carnival live up to it’s original meaning, a “farewell to the flesh?”



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