Armada Games Aberrant Game

An Epilogue

a letter from Elizabeth

An update from Columbia, done on old stationery in Liz’s handwriting:

“Hello. I have been silent a while, but that is because I have had to figure out what was happening. On the one hand, I cannot help but be happy that the “twins” as you call them are not going to be doing anyone any more harm. On the other hand, things did not go perfectly smoothly. Normally, if there are any trips to “the past”, I can pull people back, and things go smooth, provided people do not want to interfere. Of course, I did not anticipate two people would actually be crazy enough to interfere, and by that I mean Hades, and, sigh, Maelstrom.

I cannot blame Maelstrom as he was the person who avoided disaster early on, and Hades, for all his mania, was himself a victim of the previous group’s foolishness (as Ghost can back me on, especially Ares who started all this “we are Gods” b.s. Before I explain anything, let me warn, if any of you start that “pantheon” b.s. again, I will KILL YOU!)

No, No, need to keep a lid on my anger. You see, any time the timelines change, I get hit directly. I am better off than the person you met in Rapture, so if you are worried that I am the psycho with the running mascara, that is dealt with. However, I am not the innocent person I was before. I guess the best way to put it, I am about 60 percent Dorothy, 40 percent wicked witch, but the fact that Maelstrom managed to revive that pantheon bullshit is enough to get me infuriated.

Ghost, I hope you do not judge me for this; I am still the person you know.

Anyway, let me cut to the chase for once. Hades and Maelstrom wanted the chance to spin off their own timeline. Keep in mind, my original idea, hell my function, is to keep timelines from breaking up and fraying. However, I also realize that whatever the ‘pantheon’ chooses to do needed to be kept separate. So, simply put, those two are back in 1960, pretty much rewriting their history. Now, as far as a ‘break,’ the obvious answer is that what they do should NOT affect you. I am currently floating in my own version of Columbia, split off from them. Although I will still avail you of resources, I myself do NOT want whatever the pantheon does with their version to mix. I will also be honest enough to know that while I think I have my lid on the kettle, we are in uncharted waters, so I do not know if what they do will bleed into this one. However, I realize that maybe I need to allow this, as, frankly, trying to cut off or block off time is NOT working, and maybe the key is learning how to make a healthy whole. This will also allow this world to develop more on its own, free of interference from people who both mean ill and well.

What disturbs me is that Rapture is still very much a part of this world, but frankly, we can deal with that when and if we have to. As for now, allow me to be one who helps you take back your world and timeline from those who would ruin it.

There is one change that has happened. You may have seen Sally and Hank before as children. In this timeline, they will be what they were meant to be. In New Orleans, there is an academy called “St. Ann and Elizabeth” boarding school. No, I did not pick those names. You will find a certain red-headed woman who looks about 30, and a blind professor. Sally and Henry not only have made their new life, but they are helping others to do so now, a refuge for those lost in the storm. Needless to say, I want to show Ghost around and others. The kids are already calling it the “Xavier” school (groan).

Thank you, you have not only helped me, but Sally, Henri, even Chaz who doubles as a professor of history and Theater there.




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