Armada Games Aberrant Game

Buried at Sea

a letter from below


  • What was the line you used, Dad? “We were all buried at Sea, we just did not know it?” Well, I do know it, as someone who can see all the doors that open or close whenever time is changed, to see a world that is changed for better or worse, or those that are closed off. Speaking of which, Ares did a good job of closing one world off, though I did manage to rescue Hades. He did his job well, and will give Ghost a familiar friend to work with. I see that Maelstromand Ghost have made new friends (Dominika Star). On the off chance I make it out of here, I will make a note to meet them, but part of me would rather die than introduce myself to them in my current state. Hell, I would not show up like this to one of the Teas I have with Ghost.
  • I have done one good thing. Because I managed to give the twins a hard enough time, I managed to steal one of their pet projects from them, a box that contains, among other things, the journal of how they made me. It’s very ironic, that the folks who were my wicked stepparents get to see their secrets exposed, as well as a detailed bit of just what they would do to someone since she was an infant. They, and their little toadie Michael, the one who calls himself " Divis Mal ." That’s a laugh, Divis. If you ever escape Maelstrom, I will show you what a devil is, as frankly I am one now. Even if I do manage to win here, there is a part of me that hopes what I am sinks with me, a sort of Baptism. Inkblot may have been too nice to admit that perhaps my very presence in this world is a problem, but then again, that won’t help keep the crew of scum out of their world. I may be needed more, especially as Fitzroy managed to get herself killed. You never learned, did you?
  • So, I am here in Rapture, reminding myself why I hated this place. My job, making sure that a certain father figure of mine does not get to feed on his younger self. The twins wanted to lure the party here, because they knew they had the advantage. I will do my part to lessen that. Hell, if Hades manages to catch Rosalind in New Orleans, all the better. Maybe we can even avoid this place that brings out the very worst in everyone who comes. Maybe even keep the new people from ever having to understand this place, this reverse rapture. And of course, return Sally and the children ( Little Sisters) to their rightful place in their world.
  • Ghost, if you manage to get this letter from the depths below, I appreciate everything you have been. If I make it out of here, I promise to help find out what happened to your father. Maelstrom, I meant well giving you “the keys”; you still did better than Daisy or I did. Hades can tell you that when his memories come back. To the new people, if I do my job right, you will never understand half of what I am talking about; I am literally on a sort of suicide mission to prevent you from having to deal with it. Not all knowledge is life, and in many ways, I am as much a monster as Lovecraft ever made. I can be one that makes life though, or at least protects it.
  • I will ask that if any of you see Sally, Henry, or the other children, protect them. If they do not become what they are supposed to be, the whole game is scotched. Hopefully you will see a certain pantsuited version of me discussing this over tea, or at least what the hell I am now. If not, I will see you when time changes… all rivers flow into the ocean, or at least, I hope mine does.

(the signature is signed E.C)



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