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Ghost's Diary (10/2/16)

Dear Diary,

  • Man, Pax got whacked! Well, not whacked like whacked but whacked like a whacked–a-mole. Hmm, how many moles could a whack-a-mole whack if a whack-a-mole could whack moles? Diary, remind me to ask Hades that next time I see him, he seems like your typical Chuck E. Cheese skee-ball and whack-a-mole guy. Oh ya, Paxie-poo showed up and tried to interrupt Dominka’s magic show. Shoot, you know how much I paid for that ticket? Well, I know I stole the ticket but that is beside the point.
  • Nick Fury, your favorite underpaid FBI agent convinced the ladies, Chesa and Dominika that the mysterious box was safer with the proper authorities that in their vault. Or better than they would have been if not for Chesa persuading Maelstrom to give the box up. I guess his kryptonite is a smile and big ta-tas. Even with him stammering, I had the ladies going along with the plan, except the singer asked Mael to shut off his portal. Hades was in Columbia pulling the box through when he was forced onto the stage with us. Everyone thinks just because Hades looks like a bringer of death and has less social skills than Mr. Krabs from Sponge Bob Square Pants that he can’t charm the ladies.


  • However, before he had the chance to recite Romeo and Juliette, Elizabeth walked out from a tear (warp portal). Seems like my BFF is back down in Rapture trying to straighten things out. She looked very distraught, I have seen her that way a few times before and it never meant good for anyone. Normally when she reaches that point, the time line starts to shred or implode. After Rachel’s earlier betrayal this week, Maelstrom was able to track the twins to Rapture. It seems things are worse than we thought and we need to hurry back to our original path before this time line shuts down like the last one. El helped things along and Maelstrom got the box back to Columbia where he later was able to work his engineering magic and make a duplicate. I will have to ask him why he did that later.
  • Paxus showed up and tried to stop the magic show, demanding we give him the box. Maelstrom gave him a dose of snarky attitude and Hades added his own batch of momma jokes to the show. I had the crowd chanting ‘we won’t go, we want a show” and Pax was ready to explode. He was angrier than a dragon trying to blow out birthday candles. We were going to have one heck of a show until Pax spoke with someone on the phone and made a cheap knock-off apology. Dominika shouted “the show must go on” and put on an awesome display. Although, no matter how loud I kept yelling “pick me” she kept picking someone else. Just wait until my magic kit comes in the mail, I know who I’m not going to pick.


  • After the show, Pax got whacked outside the convention center by some big burly guy in blue overalls. I thought Pax’s head was indestructible but the other man had a huge wrench made of the Nth metal stuff. I didn’t care much since Pax was overdue for an ass whooping until blue boy proclaimed himself Atlas. He started bragging that he had killed an Elizabeth from another time line. I almost lost my cool and used Maelstrom’s super kill-anyone gun—you know, the one he killed Daisy with. I’m not much of a killer so I teleported him to Hade’s containment center underneath the Goodtime club instead. It wasn’t too hard since Maelstrom already hit him with a bus and Hades tried to drown him somehow.

See, I told you they were nice guys. Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou ,Romeo!



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