Armada Games Aberrant Game

Mantis Farewell

Mantis explaining as best he can tell what happened

Hello, this is/was your neightborhood bug. Well, I suppose emphasis is on was. I am not sure how I got caught, indeed, I have a very evil feeling some of my old friends in Beijing decided to seel me out, or got sloppy when speasking of me. In either case, I know I am not, nor will ever be, who I was. Apparently, there is someone else trying to cut in on the act, some fellow that fashions himself Living Psionics called Giovanni Dario. The people whop hate Count Oz apparently either like him or find him useful.
But then again, I should stop, because you have no reason to trust narratives. That is not an insult, it is a fact that people will lie to you, and try to be sneaky as hell about it, to the point where even people like me can get cocky and get caught. As far as where I am, and where to go from here..I offer information, take it or leave it as you choose.
I found myself saved by our favorite Lady by the lighthouse, Elizabeth. Now, she says that my body is toast, that my apartment in Hong Kong was bombed. She said that she may be able top bring me back somehow. In the meantime, I cannot go to Earth, she explains they would nto see me anyway, but that I also would not be able to itneract with anything. She said Ghost would be told more..gee, why not me? She also says she could offer omethign that functionied like the Mantis link, but that it could be given to one of you (GM’S note: aka to give a player character access to a lot of the stuff I used Mantis for), she recommends Ghost at the moment, though she sees “Potential” in some of the new members. Gee. Well, Brock is not as dumb as he looks at least.
No, I will admit I am ntot aking things well. Here I am, in some ghostly city, feelign like I am in some stage between a life I lost and the live I have yet to live. The locals can be kind, especially as old Rufus might be runnign for Mayor up here soon, but whole place place in unreal. I never thought I would miss my bug head.
Anyway, I hope you find whatever I leave usefukl, and also that it gives you more of a sense of independence. Of course, that is no substitue for you guys learnign howe to gel as a unit, which you will need to, as everyone has decided to step their game up, especially the Teragen.
Signing off from Columbia base, and oh yeah, I actually wrote this. First time I used ink in years.
Jian Chung, aka “Mantis”
Note to Brock: As of now, I really, really am dead on the record books. I guess this means someone already took my Gaming Laptop. As far as the directive goes, you are the man of the hour. Be more paranoid than usual.



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