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Note from Atlas to group

for your consideration

I had an idea that sooner or later I might find myself in this position, though I have to confess, I expected ye lot to have taken over Rapture by now. Then again, I did not expect Hades crew ta feck things up so bad. Hey, Hades, I wonder why Elizabeth made sure to pull yer arse out of the waters, as opposed to your old friends? That tells me that either you are more harmless than they were, or perhaps more useful. In dealing with her, I have been forced to try and think a bit like her, though how do you think like someone who is literally not much more than a series of fragmented patchworks of different realities, sewn together like a crazy quilt?

But here is where I humbly think ye should listen to me. I think it should be obvious to all of you that various forces are playing us all like pawns, myself and yourself included. Since I am harmless at the moment, it does not hurt ye to listen, and do, I won’t say “would ye kindly” as that phrase is useless now.

From where I started, my goal was to take Rapture from Andrew Ryan, the son of a bitch that calls himself—in your world—“Maxwell Mercer.” Now, when I started this, I had no idea who the “twins” were. I had no idea they they had already attempted one of the “Utopia” experiments, called " Columbia ." Indeed, I was one of the few people in the whole city who had NO idea that Rapture was full of dimensional holes between the two places, or that folks like Ryan were able to use these “doors” as an escape plan. All of us on various sides, thinking we were fighting for something, only to realize that we were disposable, that—literally—the world you see as solid, the past, the future, are all just the toys of would-be gods. However, inbetween the ruckus between myself and Hades old crew, I learned some things, as I was literally fighting for my existence.

The way things were set to go was, The Twins would trick Lizzie into going down to Rapture—her purpose: deal with her old man. The Irony in this is thick, as this fellow down there was the weakest of a lot, and the one who was clueless about what he had done; in short, a classic sap. Liz would kill him, but run into Sally, who she fell in love with. It is ironic again, because that is her “little sister.” Now the real chess game The Twins play is this: Liz goes down to rapture, kills the useless Booker, then takes Sally, which means Sally could not grow up and provide a shelter for those who were the castaways and refuse from The twins experiments. Their slate clean, the pawns eliminate each other, and they can move on to, well, I believe their next base was to be on the dark side of the moon, or Mars. Keep in mind, these Twins do NOT play fair. They see you and I as some sort of character to compose, like when an author makes a character people love so that their death in chapter such and such is useful.

Well, Elizabeth’s main weakness, ‘the ace in the hole’ that The Twins literally built into her ever since she was in her crib, is that she CANNOT ignore what is going on in one timeline, especially where her father is concerned. They can always upset her into thinking Daddy is going to get her coming from afar, which outs her into pre made patterns of behavior. It’s fascinating, really. I am anything but, as I couldn’t care less of people want to fuck their own timeline up, and I am fast enough where I could survive, even if this timeline falls. So none of this would have mattered to me at all. I was perfectly willing to run Rapture while the would be Gods and Kings and Queens did whatever.

However, by sheer chance, I went ahead and saw where Elizabeth was “buried” a little bit further ahead in the timeline you are in. Now, don’t let Ghost have a conniption, because if you do yer fecking jobs right, this will be nothing more than a fragment, the remains of a timeline cut off because it was aborted. Apparently, her death left a door to a future. Well, as I was eager to see that future where I ruled Rapture, I had to take a look. I am painting to most honest portrait of myself, because I know that I would not be able to fool you, and even if ye fecking hate me, you should at least believe me. Anyway, lo and behold, in this glorious future, I was set up to be a patsy, killed of by none other than the Little Sisters. It’s a really pathetic death, really it is.

So, I went from being king to conned. It is a pattern ye no doubt have noticed. Of course, it made no sense on many levels, until I realized that these cowardly little Twins did not go anywhere where they did not have every little contingency planned. For example, in the fragment of Lizzie’s demise I was shown, they have a literal GODDESS so programmed that she did not do any number of tricks that could have ended the whole mess? I mean, she could have simply opened a portal, flushed me out into the water, and she and Sally would have been singing “La Vie en Rose” In fecking Paris! No, programmed.

Well, I am not fecking programmed, so instead of being in Rapture, waiting to be a character in the Twin’s dismal little novel, I came here. My goal was to steal the fecking box because THAT IS THE ONE THING THAT WILL LURE THE TWINS OUT OF HIDING! Until you get Rosalind to come out in the open, she will just play you as a fecking pawn! Do not count on Lizzie to save you, because for all her powers, she herself is programmed.

Again, ye do NOT have to trust or like me, but only know that, no less than you, I am trying to avoid being flushed down the toilet like the who knows many teenth experiment of the Twins. Yes, it also hurts that I know she does betray me. Does/did, whatever the feck, time travel complicates things. You probably will not trust me enough to work with me, but you can take these ‘aces in the hole’ I give you, namely because I, at the very least, want to see The Twins go down.

One: Remember, Rosalind can never, ever, ever admit she is wrong. Even though Roland tries, she will always go back to that, which—of course—means, like a recovering heroin addict and a full blown one, sooner or later baby brother joins sister in drugs. Of course, when brother goes away, she does something self-destructive so that he comes back. Ghost is probably adding 2 and 2 in his head right now.

Two: Lizzie, can see everything, except what should be simple. Now, when I share the memory of my little interrogation scene, keep one thing in mind: why the feck did she allow that? Answer, yes she wanted to save her sister, but again, why would you allow herself to be captured and tortured when you could be a god. The answer is that if her calculations conclude enduring a, b, and c is the best result, she will do it. BUT, if you’re being manipulated by those who really know how to do it, they can have you go to do x, y, and z when really, you should do a and b. I mean, if all she wanted was her father dead, and if I knew half of what I was dealing with, I would have cut the bastard’s head off myself, served it to her on a platter, and then said “OK, pleasure doing business. Now, does this mean you will go to Paris and leave us alone? Excellent!” But no, she was tricked, and smart people are easy to trick because they think they already know everything.

Three: if nothing else, know that as long as you have possession of the box, you have Rosalind at a stand still. She can try to purposefully drag others into it, complicate things, but she will never be able to progress. That is YOUR ace in the hole. Her only hope is to possibly trigger either Lizzie or Mercer into doing something stupid, and Lizzie is a bit wary

Four: even if you feck everything up: save sally. Ghost and Hades may remember her as an adult. That is because, in the way things are supposed to be, she and Henry found a school and shelter in, of all places, New Orleans. This takes in the castways from the experiments, but also becomes a major thorn on Rosalind’s side. Ya picked well leaving her with Lord Chaz.

Anyway, if Lizzie ever reads this, tell her that I know how she felt on the lobotomy table. I will not pretend to have reformed, but I understand now how she felt knowing she was dying, but knowing her enemies would be screwed because of it. Of course, if ye chose to ignore me… well, I’ve survived different oceans flooding in, and perhaps I will meet ye in another ocean, one where the team is not a bunch of fools who think themselves gods. Yes, Hades, that was a crack at your fucking Pantheon. Here’s a last ace: the people who think they are gods are the ones who get shown they are mortal.


note : Oh, if ye wonder who “fontaine” is, that’s me. If ye ask me whatever my real name was or is, honestly, I can’t figure that out myself. The being you see fightign was “my” ace in the hole..but I doubt ye will run into him yet.

Note from Atlas to group

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