Elizabeth Comstock

She was the “experiment” by the Lutece twins that set this is motion.


Elizabeth Comstock aka “the Specimen”


and one with her in her “current state” with Sally:



An “experiment” by the Lutece twins, she was the trigger which set everything in motion with her ability to rip holes in the space-time fabric. If Dr. Who’s Tardis had the ability to interact with the world directly, she would be one. Now imagine such a being subjected to vivisection and brainwashing by a bunch of sociopathic scientists. Also that said scientists have as their patron a racist who wants to take such weapons and establish the sort of world that makes the Confederacy look warm and cuddly.

She is still trying to undo the damage the Twins did, while not becoming the weapon of mass destruction she was created to be.

Elizabeth Comstock

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