Aberrant character



Birth Name: Jack Cajun (unknown to public)
Alias: Ghost
Birthplace: Thibodaux, LA
Childhood: Bayou outside New Orleans
Nature: Jester (Rebel)
Base of operations: New Orleans, LA
Allegiances: Independent (DeVries Agency), Directive consultant
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Japanese

Characteristics vary on identity

Age: 30 However, multiple space-time resets
Height: 5’ 10” (varies) Weight: 185 lbs (varies)
Hair: Dark Brown (varies) Eyes: Brown (varies)


He forgets everyone is not a time jumper and starts references other alternate reality’s history as common knowledge.
When not impersonating someone he has a Cajun accent.
Also, has to remain focuses when acting while undercover or moves unnaturally fast and precise.
Always making jokes (for examples, everyone knows to not joke with Totentanz execept Ghost. Also the record for most times almost killed by Totentanz).
Signature powers:
Mega Dex 5 (cat footed, fast tasks), Mega Wits 3 (Quickness, Enhanced initiative) Mega Appearance 1 (Copycat), Density Control 5, Combat Teleport
Cipher: 5
i.e., Even you have trouble remembering and your secrets are completely safe, all records and video automatically delete.

Aliases/Secret Identities

Note: Image varies based on identities while using copycat ability.

Nick Hill Ghost_-_FBI__Samuel_Jackson_.PNG FBISeal.png Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Brian Constantine Ghost_-_Johnny_english.jpg MI5.jpg British,The Security Service (MI5)
St. Croix
Ghost_-_Inspector_Cleasue_-_Steve_Martin.PNG DGSE.PNG French Secret Service (DGSE)
Eric Wagner Ghost_-_Magneto_-_Michael_Fassbender.PNG German_Federal_Intelligence_Service.jpg German Federal Intelligence Service – Bundesnachrichtendienst
Natasha Rasputin Ghost_-_KGB.jpg Foreign_Intelligence_Service__Russia_.PNG Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service
Noriko Itsu Ghost_-_Japanses_Police.PNG Public_Secruity_Intelligene_Agency.png Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA)
Oliver Twist Ghost_-_Oliver_twist_-_Johnny_Depp.PNG oliver_logo.jpg Nova underground, Charities for Homeless and Orphans

Contacts and followers:

Lotus Infinite Lotus_Infinite__Megan_fox_.jpg DeVries Agency Trainer and fellow operative
Rufus Rufus__Jessie_D_.jpg Jazzland Blackmarket Co-Owner of Time Jumpers Entertainment
Anna LeBeau Anna_LeBeau__Anna_Paquinn_.PNG New Orleans Oliver Twist safe-house Street performer and operations manager
Toby Parker Elmo.PNG New York Oliver Twist safe-house Street performer and operations manager
Elizabeth Comstock Elizabeth_-_Tea_Time.jpg Alternate reality time traveling friend Intertwined destinies and meets weekly for tea

Official Report

…..Ghost has an extraordinary infiltration abilities and knowledge of security (intrusions) systems. Operative ideal for retrieval mission for almost all contraband living or inanimate with the capability of expeditious extraction. However, Ghost refuses any strategies to harm civilians. Subject has possible internal connections or ability to infiltrate information systems due to databases, files, and surveillance footage unexplained disappears.

Backstory not public (Cipher 5 means most information disappeared also courtesy of storyteller and Bio Shock).

…..Jack’s father worked on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico and owned a small house in the Louisiana Bayou. However, while Jack was in high school he tragically died during an accident at work. A few month later, his mother was prosecuting the oil corporation when she was in a mysterious hit and run accident. Her car was found damaged in the marshland but the other vehicle was never located. After the loss of his mother, the corporation released a public report stating the accident on the platform was Jack’s father’s fault. Whereas, all of the estate was frozen and an unknown company repossessed the house.

…..With no place to live Jack moved to New Orleans. After some time he joined some acrobatic street performers. Growing up he had a fascination with extreme sports and a natural talent which improved with constant practice. After being featured on a magazine cover and online tourist videos he received a Red Bull sponsorship. With their help, he began traveling the world for various extreme sports competitions (i.e., free running, parkour, skateboarding, etc.) .

…..However, one night he was going for an extra big trick for a video between two balconies of a Paris City hotel. In the middle of the jump, a flicker appeared and a nineteen year old brunette girl stepped through and leaned over the railing with her blue eyes wide in wonder. To avoid pushing the girl off the ledge, Jack propelled himself backwards to a 60 foot drop. He closed his eyes and braced for impact, conversely when his eyes opened he was in pitch darkness. After realizing he wasn’t dead, he realized his body phased through the ground. The small film crew had no idea what happened, whereas Jack was able to climb out of the ground before they reached him. Years later through several adventures he learned the girl’s name was Elizabeth. She called the flicker a tear, a rip in dimensional time and space, which she can enter alternate universes.

…..To avoid being discovered as a Nova he dropped his sponsorship returning to New Orleans. With no income, Jack began doing small time jobs for the underground. During his time he became great friends’ with a fencer named Rufus based in the Jazzland black market. With Rufus’ list of contacts and Jack’s specialized skills, he became the person to call when impossible needed to be obtained. In addition, when a mob boss, businessman, or politician’s loved one was held hostage, Ghost was always called. Ghost was very specific to never accept any jobs that would cause harm to innocent people. (Update: Just recently with the help of DeVries he is the recent owner of Jazzland which is still abandoned and flooded. The ownership is under his corporation Time Jumpers Entertainment. The location is used an international black-market.)

…..People began thinking of him as a modern day Robin Hood because he often donated or negotiated his payment as charity contributions. Overtime with the funds he opened several wayward houses (under the name Oliver Twist) for the homeless in New Orleans, New York, and other cities. The houses supports the homeless in return for gathering information from the streets. Also the residents searched for down on the luck novas that needed a place to hide.

……Ghost broke into global offices of the oil corporation and followed any leads for the true story about his parents. The deeper he dug the wilder rumors surfaced, for example his father was part of a secret expedition searching for oil resources. Deleted files report about 433 kilometers west of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, a massive underwater city was discovered. None of the group returned. Years later Jack discovered the city was Rapture (also known as the North Atlantic Project and Rapture Colony).

…..An unfortunate part of the discovery his destiny became intertwined with the Lutece Twins, Rosalind and Roland/Robert. The redheads are different versions of each other from different realities. The physicists leaned to communicate with each other across space-time barriers and built a device to travel using Tears. Ghost has been unwillingly time warped too many times for him to remember and his mind has started to fracture remembering previous realities.

….. He works as an independent for DeVries Agency and even has his own action figure (with changeable faces which none really look like him). He is close friends with Lotus Infinite. Both participating in training and stealth missions together. Also, he is part ofMantis from the Directive mantis link and help with covert operations.


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