Lord Chaz

A tall, pale fellow in Gothic clothes


lord_chaz.jpgWho this guy is depends on who you talk to. To most people in New Orleans, he is that famous tour guide and magician that leads people on those “Ghost Tours” where tales of lurid New Orleans horror come to life! You ask him, and he will claim to be the Comte de St. Germain, and a vampire. Now, admittedly, there are a bunch of people in New Orleans that claim that what is called the “nova” phenomenon is really not a new thing, just a lot less common, with more specialized taints, such as the need to sip a little human blood, or a sensitivity to sunlight. In any case, he has found himself doing very well in this Nova Age, with a fine mansion in the Garden District. As a result of misadventures of the party, he is taking care of two children left behind, the young girl “Sally” and the young Blind Boy, “Henry” who are both known to be Novas of some sort, experimented on in their native lands.

(Side note: this person is based on an rl tour guide/stage magician par excellence) here are two videos. The first is him giving his tour (which I attended a lot) the second, at some convention called Wizard World at the Morial convention center. I swear to god I did not know there was such a convention before the game, but I will chalk it up to serendipity.)


Lord Chaz

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