Displaced Savior of Humanity


Call Sign: Maelstrom

Directive Name: Trevor Manning (see bio) [Not Known Publicly]

Real Name: Trevor “Trev” Forsythe (repressed identity)
Birthplace: Anaheim, Ca

Age: 28
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 293 lbs (augmented)
Hair: Light Brown – short, unkept
Eyes: Blue
Official Report
Trevor is a remarkable young man to have survived the accident and the myriad of procedures since being brought here. 5 years ago he was involved in a multi-vehicular traffic accident while out riding his Yamaha FZ1 along the 5 freeway south of the downtown area of LA. It was later reported that he might have been the intended target in this incident, but an investigation came up empty thanks to our agents in the field. An EMT unit on the scene couldn’t believe that he had made it through relatively unscathed, although his right arm and head sustained heavy damage, and he was later reported as expiring while on route to the hospital. (It was reported later by some conspiracy sites that were able to collect personal hand held video of the accident that a shimmering effect was seen around Trevor just before impact, as if the air around him started to ripple like water. Was this an attack on an unknown Nova?)

In reality, Agent [redacted] had taken an interest in this young man’s possible potential in recent months and had him spirited off to a Directive center in the Greater Los Angeles area. Trevor was stabilized, but even being lucky enough to survive the mayhem on the freeway, his right arm wasn’t able to be saved, nor was his right eye and parts of his brain. It was decided that he would be “enrolled” in the newly developing Sentinel Program under the guidance of [redacted 2]. A story was released to the press through our media contacts and his family was told that the damage had been too severe; a cover easy for them to except given that no one else had survived the main portion of the accident. A cadaver stored at the center was made to resemble Trevor and released to the family for burial purposes.

As soon as Trevor was stabilized, he was put into an induced coma, placed into cryo statis and transferred to our sister site in Ust’ Urkima, Russia. This site was [redacted 2]’s main medical facility and it was there that Trevor underwent the first stage of operations to start his transformation. He was first injected with nanites to help prepare his body for what was to come. His right arm was amputated and replaced with a highly sophisticated cybernetic arm and hand; the nanites would work to strengthen his skeletal structure and muscle fibers to handle the added stress of the unnatural weight of the limb. The nanites were also instructed to repair any damage to his brain, and later were instructed to enhance his neural functions to better handle stressful situations on the battlefield. His damaged right eye was replaced with a cybernetic that allows for a better spectrum viewing, as well as, magnification abilities (It was decided that it was best to replace both eyes, so his undamaged left eye was removed for a cybernetic unit as well).

It took less than 2 months for all the procedures, but Trevor was kept in the induced coma for the next 6 months while the nanites finished the minor repairs and fully integrated into his system. One of our memory altering novas was brought in to suppress his original memories and to implant a false identity into Trevor’s subconscious mind, while [reacted 2] instructed the nanites aide in suppressing all neural paths to his old life; the hope was that this would make the subject more receptive to the program. Trevor was given memories of growing up in the foster system, having no immediate family for him to long to reunite with, and that he had joined the Directive a few years ago and had been an operative traveling abroad when he had been caught in a terrorist attack.

Trevor was offered the opportunity to ‘transfer’ over to Project Sentinel, where he could use his new “gifts” protecting the world from future mishaps, instead of returning to regular duty. Looking more like an ultimate warrior with all the visible titanium, he agreed to join up with [redacted 2]’s cause. Trevor would spend the next 4 years undergoing intense training with short interludes where he would go out on shadow ops to prove that his training was taking hold. The nanites within his body made him the perfect shadow operative receptacle. His IQ was almost off the charts and his physical abilities made him a living weapon. It was sometime in his first year of training that his telekinetic powers fully manifested, and then we all knew how he had survived the accident. He had instinctually protected himself; that shimmering water effect on the video footage must have been his mind keeping him from harm’s way. Trevor’s training shifted to take full advantage of this new wrinkle, utilizing his TK ability in the field under stressful conditions. Later on we ran further tests to see about his development and found a peculiar probability field that had somehow sprouted forth as well. If this field had been stronger at the time of the accident, Trevor might have escaped the accident entirely and we wouldn’t have our best operative within the program. Funny how Luck can work.

A year ago, Trevor “rejoined” the ranks of the Directive as a fully fledged Agent once again. He has been placed under the command of [redacted 3] and given the call sign “Maelstrom”. He receives the Sentinel oversight when he returns from his tasks, where we run diagnostics on the mechanical parts and check the health of the organic ones. Trevor has become quite enamored with using his down time to working within the Engineering field, creating new devices and weapons for his use when in the field. He is also the best hand to hand fighter in the program, and quite deadly with projectiles and firearms, though he seems to prefer pistols to the larger weapons.


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