Armada Games Aberrant Game


aka when last we left our heroes

The party had managed to obtain the “magic box” as Xane’s player was not there. It is noted that there is a Homonculi in the box. Whether or not it was accounted for when it was taken to Columbia was not accounted for (oops). Maelstrom did open it, and was able to successfully make a copy, at least one good enough to hopefully fool Rosalind. The Magic show did go on, despite Utopia’s attempt to shut things down and take control. The party proved that the ability to Bullsh—er talk, can be the equal of any superpower. The two new people more than held their own, as Maelstrom found out that the fairer sex can overcome the strongest of wills, and the players realized that Mega-Appearance is yet another thing in Aberrant that can be damned twinky is used right (how many friggin success did Chesa get, geezus).

This is also where the new characters met Elizabeth, and saw Columbia. Liza did want to make sure they got into the mix, so she gave them a coin that would allow them to teleport to the city. Of course, there is still the idea of what the hell is going on in Rapture, and the party got some odd information, in the form of a prisoner, the feared Tony Atlas. Atlas showed he had the brawn, taking out Pax with one blow, thanks to having Mega-Strength and an odd weapon made of Nth Metal.

(side note, folks, the Gm will admit, if anyone tried to take him in hand to hand, chances are he would have killed you. I knew you would think of a way to take him out, but not the way you did, which was sneaky, evil, and praiseworthy.)

In any case, Atlas is saying that Elizabeth was being lured into a trap, but that he realized he was also the disposable bait for that trap, so he is offering help. Whether or not you trust him will be one of the decision the party will need to make. You also know that Elizabeth is worried about Sally, who is currently ?SAFE? with Lord Chaz. You also know that as long as you have the box, Rosalind and Roland cannot just wreck this timeline… so sooner or later, they will have to come out. Question is, when and how do your force it, and how do you make sure they do not get to do damage?



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