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Ghost's Diary (9/18/16)
Story update

Dear diary,
I got the sweetest t-shirt today, an autographed Dominika Star. Well, diary, you may ask me how I got such a gnarly piece of apparel. Also, side note, I don’t think Malestrom likes the unicorn magic t-shirt I got him. Maybe it was the fuchsia color. I will have to buy the purple one next time. Oops, sorry, diary, I received a hot tip that the Lutece dynamic dude had plans to attend the Magic convention and shows at the Ernest Morial Center. Also, it doesn’t help to hear that Argus was going to be there. Of course everyone knows:

The Argus Agency, founded by nova John Argyle, is an elite management company which specializes in getting their clients to the scene of a disaster before the people there are even fully aware of what’s happening. This comes thanks to Argyle’s clairvoyant abilities. They operate in competition with the DeVries Agency.

Conventioners.jpgHoly heck, no way I was going to let them buy up all my favorite magic doodads. So, I showed up in my favorite Harry Potter Dumbledore/Gandolf outfit and woohoo, won a costume contest. Then some putz cult of the raven guy tried to stick me with a nth metal needle (the metal that nulifies nova powers). But I didn’t let his attempt on my life ruin my fun. I smacked him with my witch’s broom, in the nuts even. Ha, Bewitch that bitch. Oh, ya some guy shot the guy in the leg first with a poison dart but the henchman must have been more allergic to brooms.

I had my t-shirt autographed while finding Maelstrom a new toy in a box. I was sitting in the front row waiting for the magic show to start and the curtain fell. I thought it was part of a pre-show or just practice because a glowing box was hovering on the stage. The stage crew were trying to take the box down but an electric shock was knocking them unconscious. A singer, Chesa, and Dominika finally covered the box and were preparing to take it away when my good old Unicorn-loving buddy let me know he needed the box.

FlashingBadge.jpgSo, Nick Hill stepped on the stage with my super-cool FBI badge. “Thank you, ladies, I am with the FBI and this is our merchandise. I have this under control.” I even used my patented smile but they didn’t quite buy it. I think I might need a bigger badge.

Game ON!
aka "they aren't buying it"

Of course, when a party goes from 2 players to 7, things can get complicated. When they are Novas in the Big Easy, things WILL get complicated, and for all the talk of powers, victory can literally rest on whether someone buys your idea. And several people failed to sell theirs :)


We started off with news of a convention, New Orleans “It’s a Kind of Magic,” a combination sci-fi/fantasy/hard science/magician convention. In addition to the standard perils (gamers and geeks with drink machines that dispense daiquiris, what could go wrong?), Maxwell Mercer, head of the UN project for Novas, will be speaking there. And to make it worse, an item is to be auctioned off that some believe hold a mad scientist’s secrets of power, Nova-style.

magic_box_real.pngAn auction that is probably NOT going to happen. Apparently the stage magician Azarchel was in charge of hiding said item. He had the brilliant idea that the best place to hide something was in plain sight on his magician’s stage; the best place to hide a wonder is mixed in with the illusions. Which might have worked brilliantly were it not for the fact he pissed off two of the other performers. In response to a sheer vulgar display of his bad taste and misogyny, Azarchel was mentally attacked, clobbered, and put into a state where he lost his mind (and dignity, considering he backed into a porcupine-like nest of shish kabobs).

Due to the time crunch caused by his sudden ‘illness’, the theatre decided to give the first time slot to the two performers, but they had to remove the prop hanging precariously over center stage before the first act (his, now theirs) could open.

Things got complicated when the box unleashed defenses , and even more complicated when a energy emanations from the mess literally made the two nova performers almost puke. They knew that whatever the hell was in the ‘magic’ box was dangerous, perhaps deadly. Using a combination of brains and common sense, they used the Eufiber stage curtains to muffle the emanations and insulate the ‘shock’ protections on the box well enough to maneuver it into a shipping crate Dominika planned to store in a large, secure vault she often used in her act.

And it turned even more complicated as one of the convention guests, the head of a biotech firm who wanted the box for himself, saw a perfect chance to steal it. First using his blood to create tiny homunculi to get a look at the box, and tag it just in case, (Damian) then Gated open a hole under it inside the packing crate. This would have worked had Maelstrom not used his TK to hold it in place.

And, in the audience, Ghost KNEW that whatever was in the box slash crate was deadly, and he tried his trickster shtick to impersonate an FBI agent to walk off with it, but the new ladies were strong enough in will to resist his jedi mind trick.

They are in a sort of standoff to see who gets to move the crate of toxic goodness where. Of course, while the biotech heir did not steal it entirely, he still managed to get a homunculus into the crate.

(several people had to leave ‘early’, so Cut to a flashback scene)

A character from a dying timeline, Hades, was literally pulled into this one. In his old days, Hades and Surge had Columbia running differently, but instead of being the idiot that tried to challenge Maelstrom, he chose to help him. This proved smart, as not only did they have the city at near total power, but they were able to repel an attack from an old enemy, Daisy Fitzroy. Much of this part of the session was marked by “What do you mean you have not found that yet” or “Hmm, these folks have not attacked yet?” as Hades compared his timeline to the party’s. It is going to get very interesting, very soon…

Buried at Sea
a letter from below


  • What was the line you used, Dad? “We were all buried at Sea, we just did not know it?” Well, I do know it, as someone who can see all the doors that open or close whenever time is changed, to see a world that is changed for better or worse, or those that are closed off. Speaking of which, Ares did a good job of closing one world off, though I did manage to rescue Hades. He did his job well, and will give Ghost a familiar friend to work with. I see that Maelstromand Ghost have made new friends (Dominika Star). On the off chance I make it out of here, I will make a note to meet them, but part of me would rather die than introduce myself to them in my current state. Hell, I would not show up like this to one of the Teas I have with Ghost.
  • I have done one good thing. Because I managed to give the twins a hard enough time, I managed to steal one of their pet projects from them, a box that contains, among other things, the journal of how they made me. It’s very ironic, that the folks who were my wicked stepparents get to see their secrets exposed, as well as a detailed bit of just what they would do to someone since she was an infant. They, and their little toadie Michael, the one who calls himself " Divis Mal ." That’s a laugh, Divis. If you ever escape Maelstrom, I will show you what a devil is, as frankly I am one now. Even if I do manage to win here, there is a part of me that hopes what I am sinks with me, a sort of Baptism. Inkblot may have been too nice to admit that perhaps my very presence in this world is a problem, but then again, that won’t help keep the crew of scum out of their world. I may be needed more, especially as Fitzroy managed to get herself killed. You never learned, did you?
  • So, I am here in Rapture, reminding myself why I hated this place. My job, making sure that a certain father figure of mine does not get to feed on his younger self. The twins wanted to lure the party here, because they knew they had the advantage. I will do my part to lessen that. Hell, if Hades manages to catch Rosalind in New Orleans, all the better. Maybe we can even avoid this place that brings out the very worst in everyone who comes. Maybe even keep the new people from ever having to understand this place, this reverse rapture. And of course, return Sally and the children ( Little Sisters) to their rightful place in their world.
  • Ghost, if you manage to get this letter from the depths below, I appreciate everything you have been. If I make it out of here, I promise to help find out what happened to your father. Maelstrom, I meant well giving you “the keys”; you still did better than Daisy or I did. Hades can tell you that when his memories come back. To the new people, if I do my job right, you will never understand half of what I am talking about; I am literally on a sort of suicide mission to prevent you from having to deal with it. Not all knowledge is life, and in many ways, I am as much a monster as Lovecraft ever made. I can be one that makes life though, or at least protects it.
  • I will ask that if any of you see Sally, Henry, or the other children, protect them. If they do not become what they are supposed to be, the whole game is scotched. Hopefully you will see a certain pantsuited version of me discussing this over tea, or at least what the hell I am now. If not, I will see you when time changes… all rivers flow into the ocean, or at least, I hope mine does.

(the signature is signed E.C)

"mysteries of the Metaphysical: Rapture
a film shown at the beginning of Wizard World's "Its a kind of Magic" convention


  • On the stage steps, the speaker for tonight’s film, Lord Chaz. "Good evening. Normally I am called up here to talk about ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and other things Gothic. New Orleans has had centuries to generate such myths, and the full truth will never be known, though I will say that the next person that asks if Vampires “sparkle” may get some of my claws. Originally, famed Magician Azarchel was to have made this presentation, but sadly, he is rather,..indisposed, and I doubt it is for any spiritual reason, unless you count the Absinthe.

(the crowd laughs)

  • So they asked me to do the intro to this next piece, about the myth of two cities named ‘the Rapture .’ I did get to read one of the books that they locked in the vault, and I tell you, ol Rosalind Lutcece could cook a yarn up. I am not supposed to give hints, but then again, they were supposed to have Azarchel give this lecture. Shit happens, folks. I can tell you that much of the story will be familiar to those who have read the incomplete snippets, and from the cosplay I see, I know there are many fans of those tales.
  • Now, again, this is not my normal bag, although I will be the first to say that if you try to break into Jazzland you might get the sort of horror experience only New Orleans can offer; though, be prepared to have it be your last. However, this myth of New Orleans has gotten attention for two reasons: one, because a certain guest of honor, and founder of the UN project utopia project, mentioned it. It is a little odd for someone to claim ancient novas when the stance of the UN is that there were none before 2008—not that some of us who have been in New Orleans for a very LONG time would have any interest in that. Bring your popcorn and fasten your seat belts for that one, kids. Also, the Teragen, those would be Magnetos, are in complete disarray because of the actions of someone who they claim is Rosalind Lutece, who offered their convention in Paris a black mass, with the living sacrament of the mutagenic wine ( Vigor or Adam ), the holy grail that would make humans into Novas, and Novas into GODS! The good people of Paris are still cleaning up that mess, especially as there were more catacombs found.
  • I will admit, the monsters described in these books can go toe to toe with others, especially as they represent both Religious revival, and Ayn Rand weirdness… a city of religious saints—who were also neo-confederate bigots—hovering in the air, falls, and is replaced by a city of sin beneath the sea. A city that Mr. Mercer claims to have founded. Tales of Thanatos, a soldier made of death itself. The child warriors both these places developed, the “”/wikis/little-sisters" class=“wiki-page-link”> Little Sisters" that supposedly harvest the very life-force, the quantum from enemies. Oddly, these little girls were described in Paris, where the Teragen had their fall, seen draining Divis Mal to a weakened husk…

(The crowd gets silent…. There were rumors about who took Mal out)

  • Columbia’s counterpart, the Boys of Silence, beings that were surgically made to be stuck in between dimensions, and use their state to literally tear people apart . And, of course, their leader, who starts off innocent like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but becomes doomed to be the one that drowns dimensions in her rage, The Lamb, The Siren, The Specimen, Elizabeth.
  • Yes, I see this whole troop of cosplayers in the front row, the cute girl, the one in the blue jacket, the femme fatale of Rapture, all lovely. Of course, even those who have only had snippets to read know, if you ever see more than one of them at once, that means they are trying to drag you back to their home dimension, where—like old Booker Dewitt—you will be ‘smothered in the crib’, drowned in dimensional currents to be annihilated, as if you never were! The dread Baptism in Quantum, supposedly the first thing that those who enter Columbia have to undergo, as they were immersed in the pure form of the dreaded Liquid Quantum! Let’s just say I am not going to try to talk my way into these young ladies’ hotel suite, especially if there is a big bathtub.
  • I will be honest, even though I read the book, I am not sure what will emerge from this weekend. I am sure Max will explain his little slip-up. I am sure that whoever gets the book will have publishers knocking on their door. I am sure that I want to know what other things Azarchel had in that box they put the book back in. All I know is, we won’t need to stick to Blood cocktails, where we can enjoy a Devil’s Kiss.
  • The crowd goes nuts as he has a bottle that looks like the legendary ones. “Oh, this is not one of the artifacts supposedly up for auction; this is some replica of one they made that tastes like Cinnamon schnapps. They said they tried making a fake version of that other potion, the shock jockey, but that it tasted too bad. Oh well.”


Ghost's Diary (10/2/16)

Dear Diary,

  • Man, Pax got whacked! Well, not whacked like whacked but whacked like a whacked–a-mole. Hmm, how many moles could a whack-a-mole whack if a whack-a-mole could whack moles? Diary, remind me to ask Hades that next time I see him, he seems like your typical Chuck E. Cheese skee-ball and whack-a-mole guy. Oh ya, Paxie-poo showed up and tried to interrupt Dominka’s magic show. Shoot, you know how much I paid for that ticket? Well, I know I stole the ticket but that is beside the point.
  • Nick Fury, your favorite underpaid FBI agent convinced the ladies, Chesa and Dominika that the mysterious box was safer with the proper authorities that in their vault. Or better than they would have been if not for Chesa persuading Maelstrom to give the box up. I guess his kryptonite is a smile and big ta-tas. Even with him stammering, I had the ladies going along with the plan, except the singer asked Mael to shut off his portal. Hades was in Columbia pulling the box through when he was forced onto the stage with us. Everyone thinks just because Hades looks like a bringer of death and has less social skills than Mr. Krabs from Sponge Bob Square Pants that he can’t charm the ladies.


  • However, before he had the chance to recite Romeo and Juliette, Elizabeth walked out from a tear (warp portal). Seems like my BFF is back down in Rapture trying to straighten things out. She looked very distraught, I have seen her that way a few times before and it never meant good for anyone. Normally when she reaches that point, the time line starts to shred or implode. After Rachel’s earlier betrayal this week, Maelstrom was able to track the twins to Rapture. It seems things are worse than we thought and we need to hurry back to our original path before this time line shuts down like the last one. El helped things along and Maelstrom got the box back to Columbia where he later was able to work his engineering magic and make a duplicate. I will have to ask him why he did that later.
  • Paxus showed up and tried to stop the magic show, demanding we give him the box. Maelstrom gave him a dose of snarky attitude and Hades added his own batch of momma jokes to the show. I had the crowd chanting ‘we won’t go, we want a show” and Pax was ready to explode. He was angrier than a dragon trying to blow out birthday candles. We were going to have one heck of a show until Pax spoke with someone on the phone and made a cheap knock-off apology. Dominika shouted “the show must go on” and put on an awesome display. Although, no matter how loud I kept yelling “pick me” she kept picking someone else. Just wait until my magic kit comes in the mail, I know who I’m not going to pick.


  • After the show, Pax got whacked outside the convention center by some big burly guy in blue overalls. I thought Pax’s head was indestructible but the other man had a huge wrench made of the Nth metal stuff. I didn’t care much since Pax was overdue for an ass whooping until blue boy proclaimed himself Atlas. He started bragging that he had killed an Elizabeth from another time line. I almost lost my cool and used Maelstrom’s super kill-anyone gun—you know, the one he killed Daisy with. I’m not much of a killer so I teleported him to Hade’s containment center underneath the Goodtime club instead. It wasn’t too hard since Maelstrom already hit him with a bus and Hades tried to drown him somehow.

See, I told you they were nice guys. Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou ,Romeo!

Note from Atlas to group
for your consideration

I had an idea that sooner or later I might find myself in this position, though I have to confess, I expected ye lot to have taken over Rapture by now. Then again, I did not expect Hades crew ta feck things up so bad. Hey, Hades, I wonder why Elizabeth made sure to pull yer arse out of the waters, as opposed to your old friends? That tells me that either you are more harmless than they were, or perhaps more useful. In dealing with her, I have been forced to try and think a bit like her, though how do you think like someone who is literally not much more than a series of fragmented patchworks of different realities, sewn together like a crazy quilt?

But here is where I humbly think ye should listen to me. I think it should be obvious to all of you that various forces are playing us all like pawns, myself and yourself included. Since I am harmless at the moment, it does not hurt ye to listen, and do, I won’t say “would ye kindly” as that phrase is useless now.

From where I started, my goal was to take Rapture from Andrew Ryan, the son of a bitch that calls himself—in your world—“Maxwell Mercer.” Now, when I started this, I had no idea who the “twins” were. I had no idea they they had already attempted one of the “Utopia” experiments, called " Columbia ." Indeed, I was one of the few people in the whole city who had NO idea that Rapture was full of dimensional holes between the two places, or that folks like Ryan were able to use these “doors” as an escape plan. All of us on various sides, thinking we were fighting for something, only to realize that we were disposable, that—literally—the world you see as solid, the past, the future, are all just the toys of would-be gods. However, inbetween the ruckus between myself and Hades old crew, I learned some things, as I was literally fighting for my existence.

The way things were set to go was, The Twins would trick Lizzie into going down to Rapture—her purpose: deal with her old man. The Irony in this is thick, as this fellow down there was the weakest of a lot, and the one who was clueless about what he had done; in short, a classic sap. Liz would kill him, but run into Sally, who she fell in love with. It is ironic again, because that is her “little sister.” Now the real chess game The Twins play is this: Liz goes down to rapture, kills the useless Booker, then takes Sally, which means Sally could not grow up and provide a shelter for those who were the castaways and refuse from The twins experiments. Their slate clean, the pawns eliminate each other, and they can move on to, well, I believe their next base was to be on the dark side of the moon, or Mars. Keep in mind, these Twins do NOT play fair. They see you and I as some sort of character to compose, like when an author makes a character people love so that their death in chapter such and such is useful.

Well, Elizabeth’s main weakness, ‘the ace in the hole’ that The Twins literally built into her ever since she was in her crib, is that she CANNOT ignore what is going on in one timeline, especially where her father is concerned. They can always upset her into thinking Daddy is going to get her coming from afar, which outs her into pre made patterns of behavior. It’s fascinating, really. I am anything but, as I couldn’t care less of people want to fuck their own timeline up, and I am fast enough where I could survive, even if this timeline falls. So none of this would have mattered to me at all. I was perfectly willing to run Rapture while the would be Gods and Kings and Queens did whatever.

However, by sheer chance, I went ahead and saw where Elizabeth was “buried” a little bit further ahead in the timeline you are in. Now, don’t let Ghost have a conniption, because if you do yer fecking jobs right, this will be nothing more than a fragment, the remains of a timeline cut off because it was aborted. Apparently, her death left a door to a future. Well, as I was eager to see that future where I ruled Rapture, I had to take a look. I am painting to most honest portrait of myself, because I know that I would not be able to fool you, and even if ye fecking hate me, you should at least believe me. Anyway, lo and behold, in this glorious future, I was set up to be a patsy, killed of by none other than the Little Sisters. It’s a really pathetic death, really it is.

So, I went from being king to conned. It is a pattern ye no doubt have noticed. Of course, it made no sense on many levels, until I realized that these cowardly little Twins did not go anywhere where they did not have every little contingency planned. For example, in the fragment of Lizzie’s demise I was shown, they have a literal GODDESS so programmed that she did not do any number of tricks that could have ended the whole mess? I mean, she could have simply opened a portal, flushed me out into the water, and she and Sally would have been singing “La Vie en Rose” In fecking Paris! No, programmed.

Well, I am not fecking programmed, so instead of being in Rapture, waiting to be a character in the Twin’s dismal little novel, I came here. My goal was to steal the fecking box because THAT IS THE ONE THING THAT WILL LURE THE TWINS OUT OF HIDING! Until you get Rosalind to come out in the open, she will just play you as a fecking pawn! Do not count on Lizzie to save you, because for all her powers, she herself is programmed.

Again, ye do NOT have to trust or like me, but only know that, no less than you, I am trying to avoid being flushed down the toilet like the who knows many teenth experiment of the Twins. Yes, it also hurts that I know she does betray me. Does/did, whatever the feck, time travel complicates things. You probably will not trust me enough to work with me, but you can take these ‘aces in the hole’ I give you, namely because I, at the very least, want to see The Twins go down.

One: Remember, Rosalind can never, ever, ever admit she is wrong. Even though Roland tries, she will always go back to that, which—of course—means, like a recovering heroin addict and a full blown one, sooner or later baby brother joins sister in drugs. Of course, when brother goes away, she does something self-destructive so that he comes back. Ghost is probably adding 2 and 2 in his head right now.

Two: Lizzie, can see everything, except what should be simple. Now, when I share the memory of my little interrogation scene, keep one thing in mind: why the feck did she allow that? Answer, yes she wanted to save her sister, but again, why would you allow herself to be captured and tortured when you could be a god. The answer is that if her calculations conclude enduring a, b, and c is the best result, she will do it. BUT, if you’re being manipulated by those who really know how to do it, they can have you go to do x, y, and z when really, you should do a and b. I mean, if all she wanted was her father dead, and if I knew half of what I was dealing with, I would have cut the bastard’s head off myself, served it to her on a platter, and then said “OK, pleasure doing business. Now, does this mean you will go to Paris and leave us alone? Excellent!” But no, she was tricked, and smart people are easy to trick because they think they already know everything.

Three: if nothing else, know that as long as you have possession of the box, you have Rosalind at a stand still. She can try to purposefully drag others into it, complicate things, but she will never be able to progress. That is YOUR ace in the hole. Her only hope is to possibly trigger either Lizzie or Mercer into doing something stupid, and Lizzie is a bit wary

Four: even if you feck everything up: save sally. Ghost and Hades may remember her as an adult. That is because, in the way things are supposed to be, she and Henry found a school and shelter in, of all places, New Orleans. This takes in the castways from the experiments, but also becomes a major thorn on Rosalind’s side. Ya picked well leaving her with Lord Chaz.

Anyway, if Lizzie ever reads this, tell her that I know how she felt on the lobotomy table. I will not pretend to have reformed, but I understand now how she felt knowing she was dying, but knowing her enemies would be screwed because of it. Of course, if ye chose to ignore me… well, I’ve survived different oceans flooding in, and perhaps I will meet ye in another ocean, one where the team is not a bunch of fools who think themselves gods. Yes, Hades, that was a crack at your fucking Pantheon. Here’s a last ace: the people who think they are gods are the ones who get shown they are mortal.

Old adventure logs

Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2015
DeVries Field Activity Report
Date: 4/20/2015
Location: Undisclosed
DeVries Asset: Marv

Since I was not on an official DeVries mission, I was not going to write up my recent activities. I got the opportunity to do some good in my off time and took advantage of it. The developments since then, having direct impact on the interests of DeVries, requires that I do so now. I’ll start with a quick recap of events leading up to April 3rd. Then we can get to the parts that anyone reading this report will be most interested in.

bottled quantum ”. As far as we can tell the Apostle was using other Novas as a fuel source in the creation of this “bottled quantum”. It appears that a surprise attack (most likely organized by the Apostle) allowed someone (a particularly powerful Nova as is represented by the video that you have no doubt watched by now) to kill Jerimiah Scripture and knock Divis Mall into a chrysalis state. Divis was taken under the cathedral while in his chrysalis state and was himself being used as a living fuel source for further production of this “bottled quantum” that was going to in the wine during the mass. The person responsible for the attack is a mystery as it seems to be the same person as the amnesiac I met recently, but a much altered version of him. I have learned that the situation is very convoluted as we are dealing with dimension-hopping time travelers (what a mess). Anyway, we found Mal under the cathedral and rescued him. Keiser made arrangements to move him to a secret location where he could be looked after until his recovery.

On a personal note of interest, my exposure to the mutagenic substances we studied and destroyed has manifested itself in the development of new abilities I did not previously possess. I am apparently now able to mimic matter’s properties and alter my shape. I am still learning to master these new abilities but they seem quite useful. So far I have not noticed any negative side effects. My theory is that my already highly resilient body allowed me to process the mutagen in a positive and, somewhat stable way. I would not expect most Novas to so easily survive the exposure, without more unpredictable results.

Fast forward 2 weeks after Good Friday. We have Mal. He’s still in chrysalis, but seems in no danger of death. While we are discussing what our next steps should be, we are told that a letter had arrived at our top secret location addressed to Michael ( Divis himself). This letter pleaded for Divis to communicate with its sender, a (Sorry, forgot the name you told us, Scott), and not to abandon them. Divis did not react well to the presence of the letter, or, more precisely, his thoughts of the person who sent the letter were volatile as his chrysalis had a most violent reaction. Agent 13 attempted to contact Divis’ mind at this time and we received a few mental images. One of these images was the apparent capture of Anna DeVries!! She is alive as far as I can tell, and being held in the ‘sky city’ called Columbia. I, of course, immediately contacted Totentanz with this information and he tasked me with getting Anna back, or at the least confirming where she is so that DeVries’ army can get her. I’m not sure what would be left in the immediate vicinity if that kind of firepower were brought to bear, so in the interest of saving New Orleans from yet another episode of near annihilation, I am hoping my new associates and I can get the job done.

My new enemies of my enemies agreed to accompany me on my investigation of this news. (I have to admit, I was pretty insistent. It is Anna, after all!) We infiltrated the abandoned amusement park called Jazzland, which is apparently—at least in part—a front for a transport rocket that would take “pilgrims” up to Columbia (this religious zealotry BS makes me sick to see.) We used said transport, and upon arriving in a low earth orbit above New Orleans, apparently, we discovered what might best be described as a giant baptismal font. The font in question would immerse all pilgrims in a pure version of the ‘bottled quantum’ that had been created for the Good Friday mass. This substance is what they might have been trying to create, but didn’t have the right materials or knowledge to do so (I gathered a sample as instructed. See Attachment A for ongoing analysis notes).

We also met 2 of the players involved in this dimension-spanning cluster-fuck. One of them, Elizabeth, is apparently ‘friendly’ in her own ‘I have died multiple times in multiple timelines’ kind of way. (I have to admit, I might not be all there either after experiencing that. I hate this time-travel dimension-hopping shit.) The other player is, if we can believe Elizabeth, named Roland and is part of a Twin set of dimension-hopping con men who ‘experiment’ on time lines and have caused the destruction of more than one (Thus the multiple deaths of Elizabeth. What I don’t know is how Elizabeth knows about the deaths. She’s freaky powerful. Maybe her consciousness spans all the time lines she’s in? Talked about fucked up.).

Elizabeth clued us in a little more on her version of what has been happening. The first Columbia had apparently been created as a weapons platform. It has some nasty firepower from what she says. She herself was also created as a living weapon. We learned that Divis has been around longer than anyone thought, and might have had something to do with the creation of the Columbia (facts are not clear on this part) Apparently Roland and his sister have been playing….well, everyone. Did I mention they were timeline-hopping con men who toy with a timeline in whatever way they want?

It seems that they duped Mal, Apostle, Mercer, Shepherd, Anna, and anyone else who caught their eye. Anyway, Elizabeth did us a solid and put Roland on a leash and gave that leash to Maelstrom. Roland says he knows where Anna is and is going to lead us to her. This place is home to a group known as the Order of the Raven. He thinks they have Anna. He said they might have used her as a host of some sort, whatever that means.

That brings you up to date. I will amend this report and file it once I have retrieved Anna.

Message 3 of 3 , Oct 3, 2015
- And here is a nice letter from Devries in response.

From: Klaus Kleisner (a.k.a. “Totentanz”)
to: operative “Geb”

I found your correspondence very informative to say the least. I must say, the fact that a man many actually seemed to worship as a god was taken down by his own stupidity surprised me. It should not; after all, my eruption thanks to the heartbreak caused by a tart is documented, however, it seems I got stronger, whereas he grew weaker. I should not be amused by this, but if I was still capable of laughing, I would be doubled over. As much as the idea of adding Divis Mal’s head to the DeVries trophy rack amuses me, it seems you were smart not to kill him, as apparently recent events have made things even less predictable than usual, which is saying a LOT. I do understand you have to keep secrets, but do let me know of his progress.

As far as Anna, let me just say that while I respect your situation, do NOT think we are going to wait. Anna is someone very near and dear to everyone, including and especially me. I think the following correspondence will speak for itself: if it is useful to you, great. I myself plan to make sure of it VERY soon, perhaps even by the time you get this correspondence.

From: Joseph “Pursuer” Sims:
to: Klaus “Totentanz” Kliesner

“Ok, Bossman, I know we were NOT supposed to go to that “amusement park”, but sorry. If there is a chance in hell to get Anna back, we are not going to wait for something that, if Max Mercer is being even less than half truthful, means a bunch of Directive flunkies are going to try and cover their ass, considering Anna’s corpse as gravy. NO, Rachel did NOT squeal; you forget, many people owe us favors, even if they are the occasional Utopian or Directive that knows we could have iced them or sent pictures to their family about what they REALLY do on their business trips. Not everybody hires someone like Kaiser Voss to clean up their dirty work. I am sure there will be some Utopians angry about a hijacked craft, but then again, they cannot admit where they were anyway, right?

Anyway, as far as I know, we are in this city, called by Mercer the ‘First Rapture,’ though when you actually get here, it’s called ‘Columbia’ and looks like what Disney would have done to make a city if Utopia did not keep them from using the high tech. I can tell this place was big once. According to some records, apparently this thing puts out some form of particle that pushes against the earth’s magnetic field. That accounts for the fact this thing can fly, and the fact it has some form of shield that hides it and protects it. I am not Rachel, or the engineer you yourself are, but I don’t think you have to be to sense something is generating LOTS of juice. Speaking of juice, watch out if you go to this main chapel area. We all got a bit sick from it. Remember that ‘wine’ the Apostle wanted to use? Well, that stuff is decaf. This stuff is breaking bad. I suggest Hazmat materials. The stuff is literally leaking all over the place, and apparently whoever the natives are even put it in the food. No lie. We found tons of old canned goods and snacks that are filled with it.

The natives, good point. There were several thousand people here, mostly people who were ex-confederacy, Yes, this place is that old. Apparently, there is this group called the ‘Order of the Raven’, which is kind of like the Klan, if they had a more official status. There are also these kids called " boys of silence " who do stealth maneuvers as good as Lotus does. We were injured by them when we were trying to head to the main compound of the Ravens—this big black mansion that sticks out because it has ‘we dare to defend our homeland’ in latin on it. We escaped the boys, but are still worried about the Ravens, as they apparently walk around with swarms of deadly animals in their skin. In other words, they looks like only a few, then swarm you.

We also noticed craft going from this Raven area to a very large statue. Locals we interrogated say this was the home of the Lamb, before the false shepard took her. I know prisons when I see them, and it would not surprise me if that is where these goons may have Anna. We caught notes of ‘two high profile guests.’ We guess one is Anna, and some of us think number two may either be Argus or the Apostle, though for obvious reasons, we hope we are wrong.

Oh yes, this Lamb, who, seemingly, the statue is of. We’ve seen no signs of her, but we obtained footage of what she is. You remember how even the Teragen were mixed about forcing a baby to awaken? Well, I guess these folks weren’t. We have a series of notes from folks called ‘the Lutece twins.’ Apparently, the lady, Rosalind, spent the better part of 20 years imprisoning and vivisecting this kid. And she invited a guest, one “Mickey” on Donell, yes, our own Divis Mal, to help ‘develop’ this kid, until the point came where apparently she injured him. I make this note so that, if that thing is still here, you have an idea of how to handle her. I suspect this kid is probably a serial killer at best, and while I would not blame her, approach with extreme caution.

Anyway, I will let you know how we are.. If we die, well, it’s been a hell of a ride, sir."

After Actions of Good Friday
Something isn’t right, I think to myself as I wake abruptly from a restless night, my flesh covered in a light layer of sweat. The sound of multiple objects impacting the ground and against the various furniture in the room snaps me fully to the present. Looking around expecting to see an intruder, I find myself alone, still occupying the carved out room of the Outback facility of Doctor Worm and the other Aberrants, but it appears that most of the lighter objects have been tossed around as if a tornado swept through the room while I slept. Did I cause all this havoc in my unconscious state?

Waiting for Divis Mal to wake up is taking much longer than I had originally anticipated, but now I’m starting to think this downtime might be a good thing, as my mind and body seem to be in a state of flux. It’s as if I can feel myself changing on a molecular level, the only constant these past few days is the machine parts. A small chuckle escapes at that thought; the machine is more reliable to me than my own body right now. Why is this happening to me now?

I get up from the sweat soaked sheets to walk around the room, trying to find a calm state of being. Is this my own form of transformation like the crystalis that Divis Mal is going through? Or is this a more unnatural change from all that “holy wine”. I don’t remember any of the liquid physically making contact with me when I destroyed all those casks, but could the vaporization of the liquids inside have transformed it into an airborne even for a brief time before I stepped through the portal? I can already feel myself growing in raw power with each passing day, but how much will I change by the time the fluxations finally cease?

The changes within me seem to have finally fully subsided; now I just need time to fully explore what this new form has made me. I had hoped for that chance while we waited for Divis Mal to awaken and before leaving the Outback, but we can’t wait here any longer. Hopefully whatever wakes up from that weird cocoon is grateful for our help in keeping him safe in his highly vulnerable state, but after the Mal’s mysteriously delivered letter and 13’s mental connection to the cocoon, it’s apparent that we have to act now. There are too many growing dangers that need to be addressed and I don’t trust Pax and his Utopian cronies to do the necessary responses.

I’m giving my superiors the minimum needed information to hopefully keep them happy with my field work and to keep them busy on more mundane issues well away from where I wish to investigate. Mantis has been informed to keep his inquiries under the radar and as trace-less as he can make them while he looks into the issue of the Directive “mole”. Marv is hell-bent on finding this Anna DeVries, so my desire to lure the red headed Rosalind to us with her letter will have to wait for now. If I’m lucky, her brother and her will still be within reach once we find Anna. If so, maybe I can make them cooperate in answering a few of my questions.

It is a little disturbing that Keiser hasn’t been heard from since he ‘ported out without any warning the other night. Does that mean he has become a liability to us or has someone gotten to him in an attempted to find us or Divis Mal’s location? Either way we can’t wait for him to return, we will just have to travel like the rest of the planet does and that means 13 and I calling in a few travel requests to keep things compartmentalized within the Directive as well.

“I’m an idiot”, I think out loud as I start to access one of the sub’s consoles. “How could I have missed Pax utilizing Splash’s aide, here of all places?” I know I can modify the sub’s visualization systems to map out the water currents in the immediate area, but do I have enough time before she stumbles upon us with her ‘feelers’, that’s the only question here. In the end, it seems I was able to program faster than she could ‘feel around in the muck’ and with 13 helping guide Marv’s actions we should be able to gain access to the air-lock soon enough.

Now it’s all a matter of following the bread crumbs, or in our case, the footprints, down the corridors, tunnels and pipes. It’s strange that these prints were made months ago, but yet they don’t seem to show them leaving. They couldn’t still be holed up here, could they? Maybe I will be lucky in finding my red headed prey here after all. As we enter the top of the aging Jazzland light house, the trail we were following comes to an end within an empty room; not even the spinning light is still here. Are the twins working with their own portal creator? Did they hire Keiser all those months ago to ferry them all away from here?

But the true nature of the empty room is soon realized; I scan the area through the various visual spectrums and warn Marv before he fully steps into the middle of the room. This room somehow transports its occupants to another place and my other two comrades figured out the sequence that activates the room itself. As the room starts to change, a sofa appearing among those changes, I stand clear of all restraints while the others strap themselves in. And then the vibrations really start, as the room starts to lift off the main lighthouse tower. My only thought at this time is, I sure hope none of those stealthed hover vehicles in the New Orleans area fire on us.

With my eskrimas in hand, I ride out the rocky flight like a snowboarder would go down a steep and mogul laced slope. Imagine my surprise as we start to make our final approach upon a floating and invisible Victorian-esque city. Seems the floating city of the first Rapture isn’t a myth after all, just some how long forgotten. It is also apparent from our bumpy approach that some kind of shield protects this city, but is the city shifted just outside of our normal physical dimension? Is that how they keep from being hit from all the air traffic these days? Looking down as our flying room heads towards the big spired building in the center, I can see that the city seems to be sparsely occupied.

At this point, it was my desire to escape the all window-sided flying room before it came to its final destination, but my comrades wished to remain until the room stopped. Maybe it was the fact they were both strapped in for the ride and I wasn’t, but this democratic way of voting our course of action is getting old but now doesn’t seem the time to push my point. So for now, I continue with the contented follower. As the room came to its final resting place at the base of one of those spires, I immediately regretted staying with the group. The landing pad of this room was filled with what appeared to be a lot more of that crazy potent wine from the vineyard, and more of it was just pouring out of several inlet drains around the landing site. If it wasn’t for my TK shield keeping the liquid at bay, I fear for what transformations would be in store for me again.

And then before we could fully exit the wading pool of nova creating wine, 13 starts talking to the air before himself. I really thought he had started to lose it, but after hearing a few exchanges of his one sided conversation, a flipping coin appeared out of thin air. Not wanting that coin to drop into the rising pool of wine at our feet, I instinctively reached out with my mind and ‘caught’ the coin in mid air, neither side of the coin facing upward. That’s when I heard the voice as well. Grabbing the suspended coin from the air with my human hand, I scanned the visual spectrum again in an attempt to see who and where this person was. And once I saw him, I reached out once again with my mind, like I hand back in Paris with the Silent Boy, but this time I could feel the hold was much stronger, there was no escape for him.

Then things started to get even weirder as the Lamb’s counter-part here made her presence known and the person I had held became visible, revealing himself to be Roland, one of the red headed twins I was searching for. I figured it was best to not piss off this version of the Lamb, having one being of immense power mad at me was enough for me this month, so I played along with her lead. She really didn’t like Roland or his sister, apparently they can travel through the various dimensions of time and have erased a few time lines entirely already, maybe I should just kill him now, but then this lady grabs Roland’s wrist and brands him, afterwards stating to me that he is now linked to me in some way, so now I have a pet from one half of a time traveling duo, oh lucky me. After I inquire to her about transforming this city’s ultimate purpose, she apparently was intrigued with my ideas and offers her hand to me as if we were shaking on a verbal agreement. As I shook her glowing, pinky-less hand with my cybernetic one, I started to wonder if I had just been handed the keys to the Titanic.

aka when last we left our heroes

The party had managed to obtain the “magic box” as Xane’s player was not there. It is noted that there is a Homonculi in the box. Whether or not it was accounted for when it was taken to Columbia was not accounted for (oops). Maelstrom did open it, and was able to successfully make a copy, at least one good enough to hopefully fool Rosalind. The Magic show did go on, despite Utopia’s attempt to shut things down and take control. The party proved that the ability to Bullsh—er talk, can be the equal of any superpower. The two new people more than held their own, as Maelstrom found out that the fairer sex can overcome the strongest of wills, and the players realized that Mega-Appearance is yet another thing in Aberrant that can be damned twinky is used right (how many friggin success did Chesa get, geezus).

This is also where the new characters met Elizabeth, and saw Columbia. Liza did want to make sure they got into the mix, so she gave them a coin that would allow them to teleport to the city. Of course, there is still the idea of what the hell is going on in Rapture, and the party got some odd information, in the form of a prisoner, the feared Tony Atlas. Atlas showed he had the brawn, taking out Pax with one blow, thanks to having Mega-Strength and an odd weapon made of Nth Metal.

(side note, folks, the Gm will admit, if anyone tried to take him in hand to hand, chances are he would have killed you. I knew you would think of a way to take him out, but not the way you did, which was sneaky, evil, and praiseworthy.)

In any case, Atlas is saying that Elizabeth was being lured into a trap, but that he realized he was also the disposable bait for that trap, so he is offering help. Whether or not you trust him will be one of the decision the party will need to make. You also know that Elizabeth is worried about Sally, who is currently ?SAFE? with Lord Chaz. You also know that as long as you have the box, Rosalind and Roland cannot just wreck this timeline… so sooner or later, they will have to come out. Question is, when and how do your force it, and how do you make sure they do not get to do damage?

Big Balls
'should auld acquaintance be forgot?' a summary done in character

“Tonight, one of the greatest maladies to my life, and the timstream as a whole, is gone. ”/characters/rosalind-lutece" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rosalind and Roland are dead. I know that there are many oceans of time, and who knows what version of them might be swimming deep in their ooze, but the version that has meddled in countless lives, including mine, is gone. It seems the ‘Twins,’ as Maelstrom called them, were trying to lure myself and the party into a trap. Good ol’ New year Eve, 1959.

Of course, I went there because I had seen a future where a version of Dear Old Dad came back, one of the few I had not killed. Of course, I did not realize I myself was being led into a trap, and I owe Ghost for showing me otherwise. I’ve seen dead versions of myself before, but it is humiliating, especially when I know the only way I die is if I get stupid. Well, I then realized who the only people were who could set that trap, and there they were, enjoying New Years with the rest.

Fortunately, Thanatos and Maelstrom were not subtle, rather they got The Twins where they wanted them. However, it became apparent they could not resist the temptation to ‘change the past’ …so far, the world as is will not have any holes, and Mean Ole Lizzy has a lecture ready for you two.

Here’s the sneak preview: The Twins had more knowledge and power at their disposal than you, yet they ended up ruined, and ruining others. I, to be humble, have knowledge you never had, and I have the reminders of it when I have to look in the mirror to see if my eyes are blue or green. Do you really want to see the places where you lose complete track of what you are, on all levels? Thanatos, spare me the whole ‘String theory for dummies’ line. Been there, done that, and so did every one of the assholes you have down in ‘Hell,’ hooked into the siphon.

Dominika handled herself with grace, although she did have to meet an old face. Still, she managed Cohen and kept the ‘big ball’ from being a carnage-soaked mess. I will also check to make sure none of the side effects of being down there bear fruit for her.

Columbia has many, many faults, but Rapture was The Twins’ attempt to say ‘I know what I got wrong, so first this, THEN that.’ Let their deaths serves as a warning to those that think of the strings of time as toys, myself included.


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