Jazzland.jpg"Hello there, this is Mantis, your ever loving eye in the net. I was asked to give something of an “IC information post” whatever that means. In any case, this is where I get to tell you about Jazzland. Before Katrina hit, this place was known as Six Flags Jazzland. It is located near the lower Ninth Ward, aka the place the middle and lower classes actually LIVE instead of the French Quarter. The idea was to give the Ninth Ward a chance to fleece tourist dollars as much as the rest of the city. Then Katrina hit. The place became a wasteland. Add to the existing trouble the fact that the lower ninth got hit harder than anywhere else, which meant that a LOT of the Nova Eruptions that make NOLA famous happened here, especially the folks that seemed to grow gills, scales or fins.

No one has been able to change things, but that is because it has kind of become it’s own little kingdom within the city. You have novas there that pretty much felt abandoned by the world before Katrina, lost everything after Katrina, and pretty much said “fuck it” to civilization. Add to this the fact that these novas had talents and new powers, and they put it right to work building a world for themselves. For example, if you think you can just mow through the plants that have overgrown the area, well, that is by design, as some novas have pretty much returned the area to the sort of swamp the French would have seen circa 1700, aka the one with all the alligators, panthers, and who knows what ready to bite your ass. However, this place is not isolated, as it also is the home of our local black market. Anything Utopia does not want sold, gets sold, and I do mean ANYTHING.

Yes, this is the place where you can score anything from stuff that “fell of the truck” to that light-saber that some nova managed to make out of a flashlight, the one that may LOOK like a piece of shit, but that cuts through metal better than anything Vader ever had. No Toto, we are not even NEAR Kansas anymore!

However, there is one part of this place I need to address, namely that this was the base of the Twins. Considering that Columbia kind of looks like Disney World on acid, it does not surprise me that these locales are linked. I went ahead and provided a map of what we DO know about the place, illuminated with my trademark attention to detail and sarcasm. In all seriousness, this place is possibly the most dangerous in the city, and that is saying a LOT. Do not go there alone.Jazzland-Map-2002.png



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